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Dog sits with family in church

Praying pooches enjoy church service blessing

by Editor

For many of us, our family pet IS part of the family. And in recognition of that, one of our local churches decided to take the unusual step of inviting its congregation to bring their favourite animal for a very special service.

Heath Street Methodist Church opened up its pews… to paws! And for one day only the church welcomed worshippers with four legs rather than two!

The invitation was extended to all well behaved pets – whether dog, cat, rabbit, budgie… or something even more exotic!

On the day though, it was mainly dogs who attended alongside their owners – and we’re pleased to report that all were very obedient and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the occasion!

The service was led by local preacher Hazel Bradley from Stockton Heath Methodist Church. She said a short prayer for each of the pets at the service (and one for all those pets who had stayed at home).

Also on at Heath Street Methodist

The pet service was just one example of what goes on at Heath Street Methodist Church. They regularly host The Gathering Place Cafe every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All are welcome to come along and enjoy a drink, a cake and some company.

Meanwhile, All Age Worship takes place every Sunday.

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