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Students studying with the Kumon programme

Start your child early with Kumon and help them reach their full potential


The local Kumon Lowton Study Centre offers individualised maths and English study programmes for children of all ages and abilities within the local community.

There is no minimum age requirement at the Lowton Study Centre, as the Kumon Method of Learning can help to develop children into confident, independent learners from a young age. Children as young as 3-years-old currently attend the study centre.

The Kumon Lowton Study Centre

The sooner a child begins their Kumon journey, the sooner they are able to start developing effective study skills, which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. The Kumon Method is suitable for children of all ages as the programmes are tailored to suit the needs of each individual child. For this reason, no starting point is the same. Kumon students work through their study programmes at their own pace, which helps them to realise their full potential.

The Kumon Lowton Study Centre has a dedicated learning area specifically for its youngest students. The early learner area is consistently manned by a senior class assistant, who dedicates their time to helping the younger students individually as they begin their Kumon journey. Alongside the Kumon Maths and English Programmes, younger students are able to complete additional pencil skills worksheets, which have colourful pictures to help children practise pencil skills by holding and using a pencil.

Students studying at the Kumon Centre in Lowton

Elizabeth Forrester, the Instructor at the Kumon Lowton Study Centre, has seen many younger students blossom as they have progressed on their individual Kumon programmes. Elizabeth says:

“I believe that the earlier children learn, the better. Our unique study programmes offer fun, engaging learning for children as young as two. For many children enrolled in Kumon early learning levels, the centre is their first introduction to an academic setting. Kumon helps develop their maths, reading, and pencil skills and allows them to experience feelings of success as they progress which sparks a confidence that inspires a love of learning.


By introducing learning into their daily routine in advance of starting primary school, you can give them a head start. They will begin school with boosted confidence in their skills and ability allowing them to adjust quickly and get their academic experience off to a flying start.  

Silver - who began learning with the Kumon Centre in Lowton aged four

Silver – who began learning with the Kumon Centre in Lowton aged four

Kumon develops children through the development of independent learning skills, rather than being taught in the conventional sense. They develop the ability to learn for themselves, so they do not rely on the skills and knowledge of others.

A 2020 study, conducted by the Education Policy Institute in England has shown that Kumon students significantly outperform their peers in their Key Stage 2 SATs; achieving scores that place them over a year ahead of the national average, and over six months ahead of their matched peers in Maths learning, so there has never been a better time to try Kumon out for yourself!


A young student at the Kumon Study Centre Lowton

A young student at the Kumon Study Centre Lowton

Last year marked 30 years since Kumon were officially established in the UK. Kumon is now the largest supplementary education provider in the UK and Ireland with more than 60,000 Kumon students learning at more than 630 study centres across the UK and Ireland. We can help give your child the tools for a lifelong love of learning.

Kumon now has its very own app to support learning, too!

The latest innovation at the Kumon Centre is the introduction of a new app – Kumon Connect – which allows students to complete their work digitally, using a tablet and stylus. This allows their Kumon tutor to set them tailored digital worksheets which can be downloaded at home, making the process convenient and allowing students to become independent learners.

Because the Kumon Connect app is used with a stylus, it means the student still enhances their cognitive and writing skills, whilst also familiarising themselves with digital learning tools.

How much is it to study with Kumon?

Each student that signs up to Kumon pays a small registration fee of £40. You’ll then choose which subjects your child needs help with, and the fee per subject is £70 per month.

Contact the Kumon Study Centre in Lowton for more information

The Kumon Lowton Study Centre is located at St Mary’s Church Community Hall, Newton Road, Lowton, WA3 1DQ, with classes running on Mondays 2.30pm – 5.30pm, Tuesdays 2.30pm – 7pm and Wednesday (online only) 5pm – 7pm.

For more information, contact Instructor Elizabeth Forrester on 07585 667518, email lowton@kumoncentre.co.uk or visit the centre’s webpage. You can follow the centre on Instagram: @KumonLowton

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