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Cup winning memories from Golborne, 1964

by Editor

These incredible photos of Golborne Carnival date back almost 60 years – and may bring back some fond memories for a group of once budding young football players!

Sid Arrowsmith was one of them. He remembers being part of a team of young players who won a local cup – and in celebration were paraded at Golborne Carnival on the back of a coal wagon!

Now he’s interested to hear from his team mates from 57 years ago – or from others who might remember the day.

Sid explains: “In about 1964, I was in my final year at Golborne Junior Boys School and my year won a local football event called the Dearden Cup. We won the match on the pitch at Leigh Street, which is where we played all football and rugby games.

“Our team paraded the cup on the back of a coal wagon during Golborne Carnival with a sign that said: ‘Eye aye addio we’ve won the cup!’”

Sid was born in Ashton in Makerfield in 1953 and brought up in Barrowdale Road, Golborne. He now lives in Oxford but keeps in touch with the news from home via the weekly Lowton and Golborne News email newsletter as well as his brother and sister, who still live locally.

He says: “I have strong memories of many local events, so when I read some of your stories and news, memories do come back.”

Old photo of a Golborne Carnival in about 1964

The winning football team riding on the coal wagon past The New Inn on High Street, Golborne, circa 1964.

Sid shared these photos of the cup winning celebrations with us and hopes they’ll bring back happy memories for others, too.

“Most of the faces I remember, as they were school friends. I wonder if anyone else remembers this occasion, or perhaps was even there?”

Sid thinks the final match may have been between Golborne Catholic and Golborne Church of England schools, and is fairly certain that the year was 1964 – although says he could be a year out. If you know more detail, he’d love to hear from you.

Were you on the back of the coal wagon with Sid?

If you have memories of the day, or can help fill in some of the details, let us know what you remember in the comments below, or email news@lowtonandgolbornenews.co.uk

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