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City of Trees volunteers planting saplings on the Bonc in Golborne

Tree planters wanted!

by Editor

Volunteers are needed to help plant hundreds of new trees in Golborne over the coming months.

More than 800 saplings were planted before Christmas on Golborne Park (known as The Bonc) thanks to local community groups including Golborne & Lowton West Voice, working with Wigan Council and Greater Manchester City of Trees, who donated the saplings.

Now City of Trees are looking for more volunteers to help plant hundreds more trees on the park this February and March. It’s a fantastic chance to get involved in your local community, get outdoors and some physical exercise. You’ll also know that the trees you plant will be enjoyed by people and wildlife for many decades to come!

Aerial view of the Bonc in Golborne, where 800 new trees have been planted.

Aerial view of the Bonc in Golborne, where 800 new trees have already been planted.

How can I get involved with tree planting in Golborne?

Email Martin Smith if you’d like to help with tree planting, or anything else: smith_1@live.co.uk.

What types of trees are being planted on The Bonc?

Already a mix of native saplings – including Oak, Hawthorn, Scots Pine, Alder, Birch, Hazel and Wild Cherry have all been planted and the next round of planting will introduce even more.

There are also plans for the creation of a Community Orchard. It will be planted on land which first needs clearing of White Poplar – an invasive species currently growing wild there.

A volunteer plants a small sapling

Volunteers have been hard at work planting the trees – and more help will be needed.

The group are also looking for volunteers to help with this task – if you would like to get involved please visit the Golborne and Lowton West Neighbourhood Voice website or email Martin Smith: smith_1@live.co.uk.

As well as the initial clearing of the site, there will also be a need for volunteers to help with ongoing care of the trees and site – again, the group would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved  with this too.

Tree planting is just one element of a planned transformation of the Bonc, which will also eventually include new pathways and remedial work to prevent flooding, planned by Wigan Council.

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