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Gemstone Topaz competing at the All Star World Championships 2023

Cheerleaders are world champions!

by Editor

Huge congratulations to the young cheerleaders of Gemstone Cheer – who flew out to America earlier this month and won at the Allstar World Championship!

Gemstone Cheer and Dance, which has many young dancers from Lowton and Golborne, was one of only 17 clubs in England who qualified for a place at the Allstar World Championship in Orlando, Florida.

Their Youth Pom Dance team, Gemstone Topaz – all aged between 10 and 11, qualified for the competition back in May last year, and have spent the past year preparing for their big trip.

Getting to America was about more than dancing – each participant had to raise the funds needed to make their dream come true. The cost of taking part per dancer is in the region of £1,500 to £2,000 including flights, accommodation, kits, entry fees, music licences and insurances. So the club turned to the local community for their help to give their young dancers this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Gemstone Topaz competing at the All Star World Championships 2023

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of nine local businesses and local people, the team jetted out to America earlier this month.

At the competition, the team really were put on the global stage. They were amongst 20,043 competitors from 1,456 teams representing 11 different countries.

After the semi finals, Gemstone Topaz were riding high in first place and knew they’d be going on to compete in the finals. The following day watched by an estimated 21,000 viewers worldwide, the team were crowned 2023 Allstar World Champions in the Youth Pom Dance division.

Gemstone Topaz competing at the All Star World Championships 2023

The victory was an emotional moment for the team

Head Coach, Lydia Gough, said: “It has been a whirlwind of a journey to get to this point through injuries and knock backs, but the sportsmanship and support shown between the dancers and the parents has been unbelievable. Last weekend will forever hold a special place in my heart for multiple reasons.

“6 May was the birthday of my granddad who sadly passed away a few years ago after supporting with the finances to set up Gemstone Cheer & Dance seven years ago and I couldn’t think of a more perfect date to have a Gemstone team create such fantastic history.”

There was also plenty of time for fun and adventures whilst the team were in America. As well as competing, they visited both Universal theme parks and a waterpark.

Congratulations to all the team: Lilly A , Lily B ,Maisie E ,Freya F, Kay F, Sarocha M, Erin P, Isla S, Sophie S & Phoebe T… WORLD CHAMPIONS! 

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