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Two more lifesaving defibs installed in Lowton & Golborne

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They can be the difference between life and death – and now, thanks to more community fundraising, there are two more defibrillators in our community.

These lifesaving pieces of kit are now available at both Little Angels Day Nursery in Golborne, and the Red Lion Pub in Lowton after funds were raised through various events.

Little Angels, on Silcock Street, have spent 12 months fundraising for their defibrillator. They held events and also had donations from local businesses, inclusing Extreme Nutrition, Iconic Fitness and Link Autos.

Little Angels Nursery on Silcock Street, Golborne, now has a life-saving defibrillator thanks to their fundraising efforts.

Writing on Facebook, the nursery said: “Having a defib fitted is something that we had wanted for a number of years but was delayed due to the pandemic. We received support from AED Donate to raise the money and have the Defib installed externally so it can be accessed by the wider community and have 24 hour access should it ever be needed.”

Meanwhile, the defibrillator at The Red Lion is also intended to serve the community. It has been installed by the pub’s Bowling Club and is situated outside the pub.

The Bowling Club raised the money for their kit from a mixture of donations as well as funding from Wigan Council and the Co-op Community Fund. They approached the Red Lion Pub, who were happy to let the defibrillator be installed on the outside of their building, where it is easily accessible and has a constant supply of electricity. It was installed for the club by local electrician, Sinclair Electrical.

Members of the Red Lion Bowling Club with the new defibrillator. From left to right: Bill Parker, Dave Martin, Graham Beesley, Alan White, Malcom Cotter, Ken Timmis, Jimmy Lythgoe, Adrian Roberts, Les Kershaw (Club Chairman) and Steve Eastwood.

Steve Eastwood from the Bowling Club, said: “The Red Lion Bowling Club members were all in agreement a defibrillator was required in the area and would be a great addition to the local community.

“We approached Wigan Council and applied for funding through the Co-op Community fund, we also received donations through former members who left money in their wills to the club.”

Now Steve, from Lowton, has been busy training up his fellow bowling club members in first aid, so that they feel confident to help anyone who is suddenly taken ill.

He explained: “Before I took early retirement, I was a driver trainer for Wincanton on the Co-op contract and I’m a fully trained trainer in First Aid, so I appreciate how important it is to have access to a defibrillator and the fact it could save someone’s life.

“First Aid is a skill that you never know when you may need it, by keeping calm and applying even basic knowledge could be the difference between life and death.”

What is a defibrillator?

A defibrillator is a fairly simple piece of kit – but if somebody’s heart stops as a result of a cardiac arrest, it can be used to help get it started again. It can make a big difference to a person’s chance of survival.

How do the defibrillators work, and who can use them?

Each defibrillator is kept inside a secure cabinet. To access the unit a user needs to dial 999 or 112 and ask for the ambulance service. They will then be given the access code so that the caller can take the defibrillator. While an ambulance is sent to help the casualty, the defibrillator will automatically talk you through how to use the kit so you can begin the essential resucitation without any further delay. And in the case of a cardiac arrest, minutes really make a difference.

Using a defibrillator is easier than you think

There’s no need for the person using the defibrillator to have any medical knowledge, previous experience of using the equipment or special training. The unit itself will talk you through exactly what you need to do – it’s actually very simple. You don’t need to worry about using the unit – even if you are not 100% sure the patient has suffered a heart attack, the unit will only administer a shock when it detects that one is needed.

Defibrillators like this are saving lives in an emergency – and one day could help you or one of your loved ones, in the event of a cardiac emergency.

Where are the other defibrillators in Lowton and Golborne?

In recent years, new defibrillators have been installed at Moss Industrial Estate and in all our local schools. There’s even an old Red Phone Box that has been converted into a defibrillator cabinet on Slag Lane.

Take a look at our roundup of defibrilltor locations and make a note of where your nearest kit is.

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