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Autumn photo challenge

Autumn Photo Challenge 2023

by Editor

To celebrate the best of the season, we asked you to share your photos of autumn in Lowton and Golborne with us.

As the season comes to an end, we’ve created a gallery of the best pictures received, and as you can see, there was lots to enjoy. 

Thanks to all those who sent in photos – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did… 

Dilys Gore

Butterfly on a tomato plant

Taken right at the turn of the season, Dily’s photo captures a very much wanted visitor to her garden in Lowton. This red admiral butterfly seems to be taking time out to sunbathe on a warm and ripe romato growing in Dily’s garden. And luckily stayed still long enough for her to photograph it!

Andrew Bromelow

Andrew’s photos were taken on a windy walk in Lowton as the season began. He’s captured the sunlight streaming through the tree canopies as the leaves begin to change colour – and spotted one of the first tell-tale signs of the season – the conker – out on this travels, too.

Claire Shepherd

Claire took this photo in Lightshaw Meadow, just off Byrom Woods. She said it’s: “our very own Stonehenge in Autumnal backdrop.” Lovely. 


Kim Edwards

Kim took both these photos on a walk along the canal near Pennington Flash. The first shows a tree in full autumn splendor, reflected in the deep blue waters of the canal. And the second is a picture-perfect red toadstool, nestling amongst the fallen leaves. 

Valerie Hurst

Valerie Hurst's pictures of autumn trees

You may remember admiring these lovely autumn coloured cherry trees on Church Lane – captured on camera here by Valerie. They are one of a number of trees along this route which put on a spectacular display in both spring and autumn… a real joy. 

Mike O’Brien

These beautiful photos show a watery autumn sunshine over Pennington Flash, taken by Mike O’Brien. The fading sun gives the pictures an almost mystical feel. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Autumn Photo Challenge this year!

…We’ll soon be launching our Winter Photo Challenge – so if you’d like to take part, we’d love to see your pictures. 

As always, our Photo Challenges are just for fun. You do not need to be an expert photographer, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just a smartphone and an eye for a nice scene is all you need!

Email your pictures to: news@lowtonandgolbornenews.co.uk.  Don’t forget to tell us who took the picture, and where. You can view the terms and conditions here.

Have you enjoyed these pictures?

Please leave a comment below to let us – and the photographers – know what you thought! 

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