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Kyla with her medal after completing the half marathon

Sister goes the extra mile for charity which supports her brother

by Editor

By Serena Coutts

Local marathon runner, Kyla Lowe, tackled the Cardiff Half Marathon in early October for a charity close to her family’s hearts.

The 25-year-old from Golborne raised a massive £600 that she will donate to the charity, The Family Fund, which dedicate their funds to helping families raise disabled or seriously ill children on a low income.

The devoted sister completed the marathon in 2 hours 8 minutes and 9 seconds, beating her personal goal of 2 hours 15 minutes by seven minutes. and is now dedicated to training for a full 26 mile Marathon in Manchester.

After seeing what the charity has done for her family, in particular her brother Harry – her 12-year-old sibling who has autism, epilepsy and other learning difficulties – Kyla decided it was time to gear up and give back to The Family Fund. As Harry is non-verbal, the charity has offered grants to enable Kyla’s family to buy an iPad for harry so he can communicate his needs to his family.

Despite the difficulties the family faces, Kyla describes Harry’s ability to ‘always make you smile with his gorgeous cheeky grin, and mischievous giggle’ and makes a note of their routine 7–8-mile walks in his wheelchair around Golborne, Lowton and Newton. She states that it is rare that people do not smile and wave to him along their route.

Upon Kyla’s completion of the marathon she describes herself as feeling exhausted and as if her legs had stopped working. However, despite the difficulties she faced, she was encouraged by her boyfriend and step son along the way: they ran around 10k trying to meet Kyla at different points along the route. Additionally, all of her family supported her by sharing her JustGiving page.

In related to the 600 hundred pounds Kyla raised, she expresses her disbelief at the astounding amount and shared her gratitude to everyone who helped her on her monstrous journey. Both Harry and the rest of her family are proud of her and will continue to support her as she tackles her next marathon in the upcoming months.

In preparation for her marathon in April, Kyla has joined the Billinge Running Club in which she has made some great friends who encourage each other continuously.

Well done Kyla!


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