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Historic Lowton business unveils new property management company

by Editor

A fifth-generation family business in Lowton has launched a new property and asset management company to share their experience in best-in-class tenant service, and to drive long-term value for commercial landlords.

The one-hundred-year-old family business, George Moss & Sons, has transferred its hugely successful property management activities into new entity GM Property Management, which has taken over the management of Moss Industrial Estate on St. Helen’s Road in Lowton, and will now assist other landlords with commercial assets in the local area with its hands on approach.

Neill Wood, managing director of GM Property Management Ltd, said: “As a long-running and well-respected industrial property business, we have solid foundations and a huge amount of expertise in this sector.

“At Moss Industrial Estate, we actively manage over 600,000 sq. ft. of commercial property, consistently updating and improving the site to serve 108 commercial tenants. Our building expertise allows us to manage a constant refurbishment programme which, coupled with our security and landscaping services, maximises the sites appeal.

“On behalf of George Moss & Sons, we are currently rolling out phase one of our solar panel installation project to lower energy costs for tenants, protecting them from rising energy prices and ensuring their growth and sustainability for the long term. This is one example of how we will go above and beyond, adding value to landlords and tenants alike, and managing their property as if it were our own.

“Through GM Property Management, we are now able to use our expertise to help other landlords with industrial and commercial property to maximise customer satisfaction and generate superior value and returns from their portfolios.

“This is a very exciting time for us as a business and we are looking forward to working with our new commercial partners.”

Sebastian Moss, fifth generation owner of Moss Industrial Estate, said: “My great great grandfather, George Moss, would have been incredibly proud to see the business today, and how it has evolved over the last 100 years.

“The separation and professionalisation of our asset management activities has already improved the look and feel of the estate, the satisfaction of our customers and ultimately the return on our investment. GM Property Management provides a first-class service to our tenants and the estate is better maintained and presented and more secure than ever before. I look forward to the business growing and extending this service across the wider North West region”.


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