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Goborne Library seen through the fence

Golborne library remains closed until further notice

by Editor

With a new lockdown now in force, the council has confirmed that its community libraries, including in Golborne, will remain closed for the forseeable future.

In October, just one month after reopening Golborne Library after the first lockdown, Wigan Council announced it would close again, until the new year. The aim was to redeploy library staff to help the borough focus on the battle against Coronavirus.

In a statement in October, the council said “maintaining key services and supporting vulnerable residents” were its priorities as they respond to rising infection rates.

It said it was closing community libraries to “allow staff to shore up services critical to the immediate health concerns of residents.” This will include supporting the test and trace programme and other critical services.

Leader of the council, Councillor David Molyneux, urged everyone to rally round their communities once again.

He said: “Earlier this year we saw an overwhelming response, highlighting the fantastic community spirit we have in our borough.

“We are again at a critical point in our efforts to combat the effects of this virus and the steps we are taking will help us prioritise key services.

“I hope everyone understands our reasoning behind taking these steps. We can all play our part to help drive down our infection rates.”

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