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Lowton High students on GCSE results day 2020

GCSE results day for lockdown hit Class of 2020

by Editor Lowton and Golborne News

After the strangest end to a school year in living memory, local students have been collecting their GCSE results today.

After this week’s change to the system calculating their results, students in Lowton, Golborne, Newton, Earlestown, Croft & Culcheth have been awarded grades based on the assessments of their schools and teachers – taking into account their work over the past two years.

And whilst it has been a strange and uncertain time for everyone – there will be many young people and families who are relieved and delighted today.

Here’s how some of the local schools and pupils did:

Lowton High School

Teachers at Lowton High today paid tribute to “an exceptional group of students”, who they say left a legacy of “not just academic success but of success in many areas: talented artists and photographers; gifted musicians and actors; accomplished athletes, both in and out of school; marvellous ambassadors and worthy role models. They are, without doubt, a tough act to follow.”

Despite being denied the opportunity to sit their final examinations, the school says the GCSE grades allocated to the students are a true reflection of their hard work, ability and commitment.

Many Lowton High pupils were celebrating today – some achieved the highest grade of 9 across the board, whilst many other exceeded their own expectations.

Acting head teacher Miss Clare said: “This is a result of the strong partnership between students, staff and parents that exists at Lowton. It is a school invested fully in helping its young people flourish so that they are thoroughly ready for the next stage of their life.”

Pictured at the top of our article are Lowton High students Lucy Hardman, Molly Bullough, Lilly Gregory, Alex Moorhouse, Jack Murden and Zach Moorhouse with Acting Headteacher Miss Clare.

Golborne High School

Results at Golborne High were given out digitally today, so students disovered their marks by email this morning.

Alison Gormally, Headteacher, said: “At Golborne High School we are celebrating  not just the outstanding results of our Year 11 pupils but their resilience and strength of character of which we are all so proud.

“The staff and Governors at Golborne High School have been humbled by the fortitude of our Year 11 pupils who have shown such positivity and determination in a climate of confusion. The results they have achieved are the outcome of five years of hard work and dedication. The fact that these results have been reached by a different route does not and must not diminish the achievements of our pupils.  As a Headteacher, I have never been prouder of a group of pupils.

But Mrs Gormally also criticised the Government for their handling of the exam results process. She said: “Our Year 11 pupils have suffered more than any year group, not just because of a national pandemic but because of the ineptitude of the leadership of education at a National level. The chaos that has been caused by the Government and Ofqual could so easily have been avoided and has created even greater stress and anxiety for a group of pupils who have already experienced great worry.

“The journey that our Year 11 pupils have taken has been fraught with difficulties this year but they have risen above the obstacles and approached the challenges with optimism and determination.  Congratulations and good luck to all of you.”

Culcheth High

It was described as a “vibrant and exciting morning at Culcheth High School” on GCSE results day this year, as many student picked up “excellent” results.

Head teacher Mr Hunt said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students for their efforts and wish them all the very best in their next steps.

“These results aren’t just down to ‘Centre Assessed Grades’ but are a result of five years of dedication, enthusiasm and hard work on behalf of everyone in our school community. Students have achieved what they fully deserve and it fills us with pride that they leave Culcheth High School to start their next chapter in their journey.”

He also listed several pupils who deserved special recognition for their indvidual academic success or outstanding personal progress. These included Rohan Prakash, Darren Woodward, Maddie Thompson, Samay Prakash, Iwan Jones, Harry Crann, Olivia Dunn, Jack Darbyshire, Oli Mellows, Zach Turner-Bowles, Harry Anderson, Lucy Burnham, Jamie Betton and Jade Kindleysides. Congratulations all!

Hope Academy, Newton-le-Willows

Hope Academy praised the perfomance of its ‘Covid Class of 2020’ on Twitter today, writing: “Congratulations to
@hopeclassof2020 on your results today – it has been a delight to see so many students rewarded for their hard work and commitment to their studies.”

They also shared this video of students collecting their results:

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