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David Hoult from Lowton with all the artworks he has painted at home during lockdown, and which he is now selling to raise money for good causes

David turns lockdown painting ‘addiction’ into some fantastic fundraising

by Editor

When lockdown helped him rekindle a love for painting, David Hoult from Lowton decided he would put his talent to a good cause.

Having picked up his brushes for the first time in a while, David found himself passing the time at home painting a number of acrylic works on canvas – and is now selling them in the hope of raising money for two very good causes.

David, from Cranham Avenue in Lowton, is usually busy working as a volunteer – either at Wigan Infirmary or at Dunham Massey as a gardener. But, with lockdown and being aged over 70, David hasn’t been able to do either role since March.

Acryllic painting of blue sea and sky

One of David Hoult’s paintings showing the sea and sky.

“I painted a bit when I was younger, but I didn’t have much time for it until I retired. And then I started in the voluntary roles, so I hadn’t done much at all lately,” David explained.

“Since lockdown its almost become an addiction – and strangely, I’ve been painting a lot of animals, which I’ve never done before.”

And David, a former Trustee of the Wigan & Leigh Carers Centre, has been resourceful – though it was difficult to get hold of new canvases during the height of the lockdown, he’s been able to recycle old ones and even tried painting one of his pieces on cardboard.

Acryllic painting of trees in a wood

‘Go Down to the Woods Today’ by David Hoult

With the help and encouragement of his daughter, David set up an Instagram page – art.bydave – where he posts pictures of his paintings and people can make an offer to buy them. Each piece has a suggested price of £10 for a smaller work or £20 for a large, making this a great way for people to cheer up their homes with unique artwork. All proceeds will go towards two causes close to David’s heart – Wigan & Leigh Hospice and the NHS. Not only does David have first-hand experience of volunteering at Wigan Infirmary (and of singing in their choir), but his daughter is a nurse and his nephew a paramedic. In fact, two of his paintings are a tribute to them and their work during this pandemic.

In fact, this isn’t the first time David has used his artistic skills for good – since retiring 10 years ago he has sold a few of his works at the Infirmary Arts for Health exhibitions at the Wigan hospital, too.

Acryllic painting shows blue denim coloured trees in the background with a yellow field in the foreground

‘BC Denim Trees’ by David Hoult

How can I see and buy one of David’s works?

David is posting pictures of his art work on Instagram, where you can also make an offer for a piece. He is asking for donations of at least £10 for small pieces and £20 for bigger pieces, but if you can afford to pay more and support the two good causes, please do!

He also plans to hold an outdoor exhibition of the works on sale in his front garden on Cranham Avenue, Lowton, during the week beginning 20 July (weather pending, of course!)

It will be a chance to have a look at the work, chat with David, and either buy a piece or maybe just make a small donation to his two charities.

All the details of times will be shared on David’s Instagram page nearer the time.

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