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The railway line in Golborne

Could TWO of our old railway stations be reopened?

by Editor

A proposal by local MP James Grundy to reopen both Golborne and Kenyon Junction railway stations has passed through to ‘phase two’ of consideration by Government.

It could mean that both stations are recommended for re-opening as part of the Government’s ‘Restoring Your Railways’ initiative, under which communities are invited to nominate stations they would like to see reinstated. A shortlist of potentially suitable candidates will be drawn up, with money made available to carry out detailed studies into the benefits of opening them again.

Arguing the case for reopening the stations in Golborne and Kenyon, Mr Grundy said: “During last year’s General Election campaign, I pledged to use my position as MP to help reconnect the Leigh constituency to the national rail network, in order to help relieve the pressure on local roads and connect our towns to neighbouring towns and cities, which will in turn help create local job opportunities and allow people across Leigh to access more job opportunities across and outside the borough.

Golborne Railway Station, circa 1910

How the old Golborne Railway Station once looked, at around 1910. Copyright photo from the John Alsop collection.

“I’m delighted to announce that two bids that I have put forward to the Restoring Your Railway Ideas Fund have moved forward to phase two, one to reopen Golborne Railway Station and another to reopen Kenyon Junction Railway Station.”

There is significant local support for the reopenings, with Golborne and Lowton West Voice backing the proposal for Golborne and Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum (LENDF) throwing their support behind Kenyon Junction.

However, if either the Golborne or Kenyon Junction proposals are successfully chosen – and we should find out this Autumn – it does not mean the stations are guaranteed to reopen. Instead, funding will be awarded by the Department for Transport for further business and economic studies into the viability of the proposals. So, it could still be a while before you are catching the train at either station!

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