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view of the new Lidl store in Golborne

When will Golborne’s Lidl get its pedestrian crossing?

Since the store opened in November 2019, there have been calls for pedestrian access to be improved by installing a crossing on busy Bridge Street.

With this road being fairly wide and fast flowing with both cars, buses and lorries, there have been concerns about the potential for accidents as shoppers attempt to cross over to visit the supermarket.

Now the local councillors for the ward have issued an updated on talks to secure a pedestrian crossing outside Lidl.

In an update, Cllrs Yvonne Klieve, Susan Gambles and Gena Merret said: “As you know we have been working with officers to secure a crossing on Bridge St at the Lidl Store. Residents have been asking for an update and here it is.

“Funding for the Transport for Greater Manchester crossings scheme has to be spent this financial year. The next stage of the crossing will be to formally consult with councillors and residents once the design is finalised by TfGM.

“Construction of the crossing is expected late 2021/early 2022.”

Watch this space for updates.

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