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Emotional Wellbeing Group

Emotional Wellbeing Group

Emotional Wellbeing Group is a not-for-profit group which offers free mental health and relationship counselling.

It is founded by three local counsellors: Anna Palin-Swift, Stephanie Palin and Kim Edgell, who were motivated to set up the group after seeing the need for accessible support to help people experiencing relationship problems. They now have a team of experienced counsellors offering both online and face-to-face support.

Emotional Wellbeing Group also offer free or low cost support from a base in Wigan Town Centre, too.

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Visit the Emotional Wellbeing Group website where you’ll find information, news and self-help tools to support people experiencing relationship challenges as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll also find details of their counselling services.  You can also find them on Facebook.

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