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Postcode Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt

Another Lowton lottery winner!

by Editor

One lucky Lowton resident is £30,000 better off this week after their postcode helped them win the lottery!

A resident of The Elms, off Newton Road, is toasting success after scooping the prize on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

WA3 2BL was picked as a winner on Sunday 18 June. Anyone living in that postcode with a valid ticket would have picked up £30,000 for each entry… sadly only one resident was in the draw.

It comes just months aftera group of 400 neighbours in another Lowton postcode won a share of £7.9 million in May.

Their windfall came when WA3 1 was revealed as a winner. These lucky neighbours each picked up between £14,815 to £59,260 depending on the number of tickets they held.

Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt said: “I’m thrilled for our lucky winner in Lowton. I hope they have a fabulous time spending their prize and treat themselves to something special.”


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