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Active Neighbourhood proposes changes to local roads

by Editor

How would you make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists in Golborne?

That’s the question that the Golborne Active Neighbourhood programme group have been grappling with – and now they’ve put their ideas and suggestions out for community consultation.

What is being proposed?

By now, households living immediately in the vicinity of streets where changes are proposed should have received a consultation booklet, explaining all the suggested measures being considered.

They include:

Making the road underneath the bridge on Tanners Lane one way only, in order to allow the footpath to be widened for us e by cyclists and pedestrians. However, this does mean that traffic using Tanners Lane to travel between Golborne and Lowton would need to find an alternative route back – likely having to go via the A580, lengthening these journeys.

Vehicle filters (which prevent through traffic) on the junctions of Windsor Road and Derby Road and Derby Road/Windsor Road (near the shops on Derby Road). Also at the Derby Road / Heywood Road junction (near Golborne High). This is to prevent cars using this shortcut as a ‘rat run’ and to address an issue of speeding cars. It will also stop traffic using this route as an alternative to the A580 when trying to travel from Lowton to Golborne if Tanners Lane becomes one way.

‘Improved pedestrian crossings’ at several locations, including the Church Street / Kid Glove Road junction; Nook Lane at All Saints Primary School; Stone Cross Lane, Lowton, at the access to Golborne Sports and Social Club; Lowton Road by Golborne High School; Church Street at the junction with Poplar Street. However, the consultation does not spell out exactly what the improvements will be – and whether this will be a full pedestrian crossing, in cases where there is currently none.

There are also plans to extend the existing 20 mph zone on Nook Lane to include the section from Borrowdale Road to Stone Cross Lane.

Is Golborne still getting a pedestrian crossing outside Lidl?

Yes – funding for this is already agreed, so this isn’t part of the Active Neighbourhood consultation.

How can I have my say on the Active Neighbourhood proposals?

If you’ve received a leaflet through the post, you can complete the survey and return by post. Don’t worry if you haven’t – you can view all the proposals online and fill in the survey that way, too. The deadline for responses is 3 April 2022.

If you’d like to find out more, go along to Golborne Parkside Sports and Community Centre on Monday, 21 March from 4-7pm, when a consultation event will take place. You need to book your chosen timeslot – 4pm, 5pm or 6pm. There’ll be a presentation followed by a Q&A session, and each one will last for 45 minutes.

Are the plans final?

No. The feedback from the consultation survey and event will be reviewed by Wigan Council, who will decide whether to proceed with any or all of the proposed amendments to local traffic. Any changes are likely to be undertaken on a trial basis first, to see how they work.

What do you think of the proposals?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Mike Norris March 18, 2022 - 1:13 pm

This is our overactive PC brigade telling us how to run our lives.

The extra mileage on to the A580 just means travelling further, creating more pollution. The extra distances could mean life or death for those awaiting an ambulance.

If they are that concerned over cyclists, the most dangerous spot for cyclists is the build-out in the road outside The Hare & Honnds on Golbourne Rd. As a cyclist I find that scary.

No consideration has been made to the source of the traffic. Much comes from Westleigh along Slag Lane. Until a short road is built from the roundabout that was the site of the Sportsman Hotel to Leigh Sports Village then all the extra traffic will come this way.

Veronica Hatton March 25, 2022 - 12:36 pm

How ill this effect the traffic on the main High street will this still be a 2 way traffic as it is now ?

Susan Catterall April 1, 2022 - 3:38 pm

I’m not in favour of tanners Lane being one way at all given the terrible traffic on the A580. It would take a lot longer at peak times to get from lowton to golborne. I’m in agreement with a crossing on stone Cross Lane north depending on where it will be situated because its quite a long lane. Also in golborne as well

Mike Norris April 1, 2022 - 4:11 pm

One way on Tanners Lane is a very bad decision.. Some people are terrified of driving on the A580. Leave it as it is and queue a little

Alison Wakefield April 11, 2022 - 4:01 pm

I don’t see how this proposal will alleviate the problems caused by the level of traffic through Golborne and Lowton. It will, instead, cause a further build up of traffic on other roads and create potential for more accidents. I appreciate some routes are used as a rat run, but surely speed bumps/chicanes/reduction of speed limit would be better! I personally don’t want to have to drive on the A580 if I don’t have to, and having children at school/nursery in Golborne and Lowton would mean that I would have to. I prefer to drive on B roads wherever possible and this choice would be removed. How would these changes affect local people accessing Golborne Train Station? Has this been considered? Surely, there has to be a better proposal.

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