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Winter Photo Challenge for Lowton & Golborne

by Editor

Winter is now officially here – and we want to share your photos of the season here on Lowton & Golborne News.

We had some really fantastic images of Autumn sent in by you over the past few months – with everything from sunrise to sunset, rainbows to berries, rivers to trees being captured on camera.

Now we’d love to see your photographs of winter in Lowton and Golborne and we’ll be sharing them right here, and on our social media accounts in the coming weeks and months.

Send your photos to us: news@lowtonandgolbornenews.co.uk, letting us know who took it, and where.

Here are some of our favourites so far:

Emma Golpys – Pennington Flash at Sunset

Emma Golpys photo of a duck on Pennington Flash

Jo Kitty Gibbons – Farmer prepares for brighter times ahead

Jo Kitty Gibbons' picture of a farmer working on the fields alongside the East Lancashire Road

Bri Bamford – ‘Walk on By’ taken at Keepers Cottage, Golborne

Keepers Cottage, Golborne, in the snow - taken by Bri Bamford

Anna Melia – Sunset at Pennington Flash

Anna Melia's photo of sunset at Pennington Flash

James Baker – St Luke’s Church in the snow

James Baker's picture of St Luke's Church in Lowton in the snow

Elaine Hall – St Mary’s Churchyard in the snow

Elaine Hall's picture of St Mary's Churchyard in the snow 

Courtney Swarbrick-O’Reilly – An evening walk through Lowton

Courtney Swarbrick-O'Reilly's photo of sunset in Lowton

Becky Eaton – Pennington Flash

Becky Eaton's photo of Pennington Flash in winter

Michelle Fletcher – the lone tree at Keepers

Michelle Fletcher's photo of the lone tree at Keepers in winter

Daniel Carty – winter tree in a snowy field

Daniel Carty's winter photo shows a tree in a snowy field

Daniel Carty photography

Samantha Kedward – Pennington Flash

Samantha Kedward's photo of Pennington Flash in winter


Dale Summers – winter wonderland

Dale Summers Winter Wonderland

Lee Suter – Bowling green at Golborne Parkside in the snow

Lee Suter's picture shows the bowling green at Golborne Parkside covered in snow, January 2021

Nick Peake – A crossroad for coots on the shore of Pennington Flash

Nick Peake's photo of coot prints in the snow


Helen Redding – winter walk in the Lowton Moss area

Helen Redding's picture of winter in Lowton 2021

Veronica Vancalsteren – back garden in Platt Bridge

Veronica was born and grew up in Golborne and regularly visits her family here – so when she sent us this lovely picture of her back garden in Platt Bridge, where she now lives, we were happy to accept her into our Winter Photo Challenge. We particularly like the way the snow highlights all the details of her tree.

Veronica Vancalsteren's photo of her snowy back garden


Gill Irving – Snowy fun on her family’s annual Christmas walk on Lowton Moss

Gill explained in her email to us that the walk on Lowton Moss is something her family enjoy every year. Their best year, she says, they had 32 friends and family on the walk. Sadly this year, due to restrictions, it was just the six of them… and the dog, of course! It still looks like they had lots of fun…

Gill Irving's photo of a smiley face in the snow

Julie Sargeant – A snowy walk on Lowton Common

Julie Sargeant's photo of a snowy gate and path on Lowton Common

Mark Cunniffe – Morning sunrise over Pennington Flash on Christmas Day

Mark Cunniffe's photo of sunrise over Pennington Flash

Ian Salt – winter sky over Lowton

Ian Salt's photo of a winter sky over a Lowton field


Claire Appleton – A walk along Keepers, just as the snow began to fall

Claire Appleton's photo of Keepers in the snow


Sarah Smith – Braithwaite Road in the snow

Sarah Smith's photo of Braithwaite Road, Lowton, in the snow

Jade Louise Cooper – Josh and Ella making a snowman on Primula Drive, Lowton

Children with snowman, taken by Jade-Louise Cooper


Nancy Reid – Rothwells Farm, Golborne in the snow

Nancy Reid's photo of Rothwells Farm, Lowton in the snow

Jessica Walsh – 10 month old puppy Axle takes his first snowy walk at Pennington Flash

Puppy in the snow, taken by Jessica Walsh

Michelle Livesley – An icy day at Keepers Wood, Golborne

Michelle Livesley's photo of Keepers Wood in Golborne in the snow

Kay Fullerton, at home near Pennington Flash

Kay Fullerton's photo of her street in the snow, December 2020

Lauren Marsh – historic Travellers’ Rest in the snow

The Travellers Rest pub in Lowton in the snow, taken by Lauren Marsh

Michelle Isherwood, Snow Angel on Braithwaite Road

A photo of a snow angel, taken by Michelle Isherwood

Laura Woodley – waking up to snow on Chandler Way, Lowton

Chandler Way, Lowton, in the snow, taken by Laura Woodley

Paul Bamford – Three-year-old Emelie Beau’s first snowman

Paul Bamford's photo of his three year old daughter making a snowman


Kayleigh Roberts – Pennington Flash

Kayleigh Roberts' photo of Pennington Flash in the snow

Joshua Stephen – Sledge ride for Lace near Keepers, Golborne

Man takes child sledging, taken by Joshua Stephen in Keeper's Wood, Golborne

Karen-Louise Byard – View from Newton Road, Lowton

View from Newton Road, Lowton, in the snow, taken by Karen-Louise Byard

Lisa J Waring – Fonzi’s not so sure about the snow…

A nervous dog hides from the snow, taken by Lisa Waring

John Cotter – Lowton back gardens in the snow

Back garden in snow, taken by John Cotter

Katie Rawlinson – Two year old George makes his first footprints in the snow

Two year old takes first steps in the snow, taken by Katie Rawlinson


Jasmine Slater, Heath Lane in the snow

Heath Lane in the snow, taken by Jasmine Slater

Jamie Allen – Pond at Keepers, Golborne

Sunset over pond at Keeper's Wood, Golborne, taken by Jamie Allen


Helen Wagner – Church Lane, Lowton, in the snow at 4am

Church Lane, Lowton, in the snow at 4am, taken by Helen Wagner

Harry-Lee playing in the snow in Lowton, taken by Nannie Debbie-Ann

Boy plays in snowy back garden, taken by Debbie Ann


Emma Peers – A snowy morning in her Lowton back garden

Emma Peers' photo of her back garden in the snow, Lowton


Dilys Gore – Winter at Pennington Flash

Dily's Gore's photo of snow at Pennington Flash

Charlotte Robinson – St Luke’s Churchyard after snowfall

St Luke's churchyard in the snow, taken by Charlotte Robinson

Becky Hodgson – icy spider web, Golborne

Spider web in ice taken by Becky Hodgson

Alex Sofield – Lowton Moss in the snow

Lowton Moss in the snow, taken by Alex Sofield

Adam Birbeck – A snowy family walk at Pennington Flash

A snowy family walk at Pennington Flash, taken by Adam Birbeck

How do I take part in the Winter Photo Challenge?

You don’t need to be a professional photographer, have any specialist equipment, experience or training. An image snapped on your smartphone is just fine!

Your photo could be of a favourite place in Lowton or Golborne, it could be taken in your garden, it might even be a closeup image of something that looks interesting. That’s completely up to you!

Simply send us your photo to news@lowtonandgolbornenews.co.uk and don’t forget to let us know who took it, and where.

We can’t wait to see your photos!