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Golborne Wetlands

Wildlife wetland created at Golborne school

An unused former hockey pitch has been transformed into a wetland haven for a variety of species at a high school in Golborne.

Working with a team from Carbon Landscape, the new wetland has been developed on land at Golborne High. Now it will not only provide a vital habitat to support a range of wildlife, it’ll become a valuable outdoor learning space, too.

The work began with restoring a network of ponds on the site, and creating a wildlife friendly environment by planting a variety of wetland plants. A wildflower meadow was also created with help from pupils and staff at Golborne High School, to help attract wildlife to the area.

With some species that rely on wetlands for their habitat in decline, this new wildlife area will make a huge difference to the local biodiversity in years to come.

It will also be used as an ‘eco-wellbeing space’ for local schools, who can use it as an outdoor, interactive classroom.

And already, it is helping to educate local young people about the importance of nature and allowed them to get hands on experience of caring for and preserving their local wildlife.

Golborne High teacher, Mr Phil Taylor, said: “We have set up an eco-group which has been one of the most successful groups that we have brought together.

“These students play a role, on a monthly basis, in ecological projects throughout this school and within the Wigan borough.

“Local primary schools have been coming and walking around and are having a chance to see actual wildlife and the environment on their own doorstep, which is safe and accessible to them.”

As well as the Carbon Landscape and Golborne High, the project was supported by Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Wigan Council and Murphy’s.

Why are wetlands so important?

Healthy wetlands store carbon and slow the flow of water, cleaning it naturally and reducing flood risk.

In the UK we have lost more than 90% of our wetland habitats, which support an abundance of plant life, which in turn provide perfect shelter, nurseries and breeding grounds for wildlife.

Projects like this one at Golborne High are proven to benefit children intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically and encourage them to spend more time outdoors getting to know nature.

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