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Cheers! Pubs reopen in Lowton and Golborne

From today (Saturday, 4 July), you’ll be able to enjoy a pint at your favourite local pub once again… but things might look a lot different from the last time you visited.

Pubs across Lowton and Golborne have been busy getting ready for reopening, introducing new social distancing measures as instructed by Government.

What to expect when you visit a pub in Lowton or Golborne

Many of our local pubs will be offering you the chance to book a table in advance. This might be compulsory, or just advised. Most are offering some space for walk-in customers, but there may be a wait to get in if maximum numbers inside are reached. Table numbers are currently limited by the Government to six.

Once inside you can expect to see things like plastic screens seperating tables, one way systems in place and floor markings to help you keep at the correct distance from other customers.

There will be no propping up the bar! In many pubs it will be table service only. In others, you may be able to place your order at the bar but there is no drinking at the bar allowed. You’ll be asked to choose one member of your party to place the orders each time, to minimise the numbers of people going to the bar.  And you’ll be asked asked not to take your empties back there, either.

You should also be aware that, in order to comply with Government rules, you will be asked for your name and phone number when you arrive. This information would be used in the event that a fellow customer later tests positive for Covid-19, and would allow NHS contact tracers to get in touch with you and advise on the steps you would need to take.

Which pubs are reopening in Lowton and Golborne – and do I need to book?

Here are some of your favourite locals and their plans for reopening safely – as well as how to book, if needed.

Hare and Hounds, Lowton

Exterior of The Hare and Hounds Pub in Lowton by night

The Hare & Hounds had only just reopened following a major refurbishment before lockdown was implemented in March.

If you haven’t yet been to see the improvements, we think you’ll be impressed.

The pub is part of the Sizzling Pub & Grill chain, and you can book your table at the Hare and Hounds on their website.

The Queen Anne, Golborne

Poster in the Queen Anne pub Golborne tells people to keep their social distance

The Queen Anne has been getting a spruce-up during lockdown with the family-run pub sharing pictures and videos on its social media pages showing the preparations that have gone into reopening safely. If you are planning to visit, you can book a table but it will also be possible to walk-in without booking, with limits on numbers in place, of course.

Screens seperating tables in the Queen Anne Pub, Golborne

New screens are in place to seperate tables at The Queen Anne pub in Golborne.

The Bridge Street pub is also introducing an exclusive hour for older people and other high risk customers, with limited numbers to allow this group a much-needed sense of normality in as safe and controlled way as possible. This will be on Mondays from 11am-12pm, until further notice.

To reserve your table, call 01942 726922.

The Rams Head, Lowton

The Ram's Head pub in Lowton

The Rams Head will be back open again, and you’ll notice that tables have been rearranged to help customers maintain their social distance. Staff have all had extra training, sanitising stations have been set up and there are strict limits on numbers in the pub at any one time. There will be a one-in-one out policy at the door.

You will still order drinks at the bar, but customers are asked not to stand or drink at the bar.

The new opening hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 4pm – close
  • Friday to Sunday: 12pm – close

You’ll also once again be able to eat-in with Duncan’s Kitchen, who are based at the pub and have been offering takeaways throughout lockdown. Takeaways will stil be available and if you want to eat in, booking a table in advance is probably advised.

Food will be available at the Rams Head at the following times:

  • Sundays – 1-6pm (from 5 July)
  • Fridays 4-8pm (from 10 July)
  • Saturdays 2-7.30pm (from 4 July)

Call or message 07803802557 to book a table, or to order a takeaway.

The Red Lion, Lowton

The outside of the Red Lion Pub in Lowton

The Red Lion will also be reopening on Saturday, 4 July. Booking is not essential, but it is advised. You can book via the Red Lion’s Facebook page – let them know if you are joining them for food or just drinks. The pub are offering a reduced menu, but are still promising great, homecooked food.

The Millstone, Golborne The outside of the Millstone Pub in Golborne


The Millstone, on Harvey Lane, Golborne, is ready to welcome back customers, with a one-way system in place and full table service on offer. You can even text your order and it will be brought to the table.

But you’ll have to wait a little longer for these pubs:

Not everywhere is opening just yet.

The Robin Hood in Pennington is reopening on Thursday, 9 July.

The Stonecross Pub is not opening until Wednesday, 5 August. When it reopens, you will be able to book at table online – you will be able to make a booking from 17 July.

No date is confirmed yet for the reopening of The Travellers Rest on Newton Road. They posted to their Facebook page to say they had been working towards an opening date of 19 August, but were now keeping “a watching brief” on developments before committing to a reopening date.

Sadly, The Church Inn in Lowton will not be reopening at all. Posting the news to their Facebook page, Russ & Jane said: “After consulting with the brewery and accountance and taking into consideration additional staffing costs due to covid 19 regretably it is not financially tenable for us to continue trading so with deepest regret and sadness we would like to thank everyone who supported us and the pub and wish you all the best for the future.”

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