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People enjoying Wigan Pride in 2022

Pride celebrations come to Wigan borough

by Editor

Residents across Wigan Borough are being urged to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community with two main events on the horizon.

Pride in Leigh takes place this weekend and will be followed by its Wigan equivalent next month, with both becoming important dates in the borough’s cultural calendar.

Ahead of the celebrations, Wigan Council is encouraging everyone to take part, either by visiting the respective town centres on the big days or engaging with the groups and organisations that make our Prides possible.

Cllr Paula Wakefield, lead cabinet member for equalities, said: “We are thrilled to have not one but two Pride events in our borough, both packed with free entertainment for all the family.

“Sadly, we still don’t have true equity. Rights that have been hard won, can be taken away again, and we’ve seen examples of that in recent years across the world.

“I am proud that we are free to celebrate Pride here in the UK but there is a lot still to fight for, both here and abroad, and it’s important to protect the rights that we have.

“Pride sends a strong message to all residents and visitors that diversity doesn’t just exist here, but it is actively celebrated, and that prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated.

“So please join us at these feel-good summer celebrations – we’re very proud to play a supporting role with both.”
Pride in Leigh – which is sponsored by Wigan Council – will host its party in the park from midday to 9pm on Saturday, 1 July in Pennington Hall Park, Leigh.

It will feature comedy, dancing, poetry, and musical performances along with food stalls and entertainment.

Tickets are free and are available to book from www.ticketsource.co.uk and search for Pride in Leigh.

Wigan Pride – backed by Wigan Council and with local sponsors – returns on Saturday, 12 August, bringing a celebration of Northern culture and music to the town centre.

For the last few years, each Wigan Pride event has celebrated a different colour from the Pride flag, which each has its own meaning.

In 2023, guests will be invited to dress in shades of pink and blue, inspired by the transgender flag, alongside the usual splash of rainbows.

For more information, follow Wigan Pride’s social media channels: facebook.com/OfficialWiganPride Instagram @WiganPride and Twitter @WiganPrideLGBT.

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