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Road closure outside Golborne St Thomas'

No parking zone helps protect pupils at Golborne primary school

Parents dropping off children at Golborne St Thomas’s CE Junior and Infant School are being asked to park a little further away from the gates in a bid to keep everyone safe.

It is the latest school to be added to Wigan Council’s ‘School Street’ scheme, which began last September, and aims to make the roads outside schools safer and cleaner.

Wigan Council was the first local authority in Greater Manchester to implement School Streets in September 2020.

Now, the borough has three in place, with Golborne St Thomas’ being the most recent. It will see temporary road restrictions in place at pick up and drop off times.

Parents travelling by car are encouraged to find somewhere safe outside of the designated zone to park and travel the remainder of the journey by foot or bicycle/scooter.

Mark Tilley, assistant director for infrastructure, which includes road safety said: “Encouraging people to use sustainable modes of transport where possible has been a key priority for the council for a long time.

“We’re working hard to provide high-quality facilities, such as segregated cycle and walk ways and improved crossings to make this a more attractive and realistic option.

“Other ways we’re supporting this initiative is through School Streets, which also teaches our children the importance of walking and cycling as well as making them aware of road safety.

“The pandemic has also presented us with an opportunity to capitalise on reduced air pollution levels and think creatively about how we might implement a greener recovery.”

Cones will be put out and signs will be displayed to show the restricted areas, which will be marshalled by school representatives. However, residents and permit holders of the affected streets will be allowed entry.

Headteacher, Joanne Woods said: “The road outside St Thomas’ School is very narrow and a dead end, which can lead to cars reversing and turning around.

“The School Street Scheme will prevent this, making the area much safer at busy times. We also hope the scheme will encourage more families to walk and cycle to school, which are simple ways to help the environment.”

Some schools may be located on routes not suitable for School Streets due to the type of area outside of their school.

For schools who aren’t able to take part in School Streets there is an alternative scheme called School Walking Bubbles. Contact road.safety@wigan.gov.uk for more on the scheme.

Pictured above: (Far left) Joanne Woods – head teacher, traffic ambassadors from the school and (far right) Tina Christmas – business manager for the school

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