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New Instructor takes over Kumon Lowton Study Centre

by Editor Lowton and Golborne News


Exciting times are ahead for families at the local Kumon Lowton Study Centre, as a new Instructor has taken the helm!

The Lowton Study Centre offers individualised Maths and English study programmes to local children of all ages and abilities. Established for over 60 years, and with over 4 million students worldwide, the unique Kumon Method of Learning enables children to develop their study skills and confidently tackle advanced work above their school grade level.

What is Kumon all about?

Kumon believes that learning is always for the long run. The individualised Maths and English programmes enable each student to progress to an advanced level, above their school grade level, at their own pace. Kumon is a method of learning that is based on the principle of the child working things out for themselves, using the worksheets and supported by an Instructor. The Kumon Method of Learning ensures students maximise their ability and realise their unlimited potential.

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Meet Elizabeth: Lowton’s new Kumon Instructor!

Elizabeth Forrester, the new Instructor at the Kumon Lowton Study Centre, is delighted to be able to bring her broad knowledge and experience to the local community, and to start her own Kumon journey. Whilst studying at school, from aged 15 to 18, Elizabeth worked as a class assistant at her local Kumon study centre. This was one of the most enjoyable periods of her life because she was able to support the Instructor in providing students with learning support and encouragement. After witnessing how the Kumon Method of Learning can help to develop children both academically and personally, Elizabeth decided to make the move in her career and become a Kumon Instructor.

Having spent much time at the Lowton Study Centre already, Elizabeth is excited about this new venture. She said:

“Having worked as a Solicitor for 10 years, I have represented a diverse range of people from all ages and backgrounds and have mentored law students. Being able to meet their individual needs and expectations through my guidance allowed them to reflect, develop and refine their skills. I am a mother of two boys and in becoming a parent, it became clear to me that I wanted a career change. I take great interest in my boys’ learning and educational experience and becoming a Kumon Instructor was the obvious path for me.


I believe that the Kumon programmes are the right choice for any child of any ability. It allows children to take control of their own learning and development under the guidance of an Instructor. They flourish not only in their education but in their interpersonal skills, confidence and self-motivation. It is wonderful to help and see a child grow, have pride in their work and light up when reaching their goals and their potential.


Since taking over the centre I have received a warm welcome from the students, their families and the local community. Despite 2020’s unprecedented difficulties causing the temporary closure of the centre, all our students have continued with their daily study and made great strides in their academic development and work skills. It has been a pleasure supporting them in these testing times via Zoom and I am thrilled to be able to reopen the centre and provide face to face support.


I have welcomed new students from an array of primary and secondary schools in the Lowton community and surrounding areas. The centre is wonderfully diverse with children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. No child is the same and in following the Kumon Method of Learning we have children of similar ages studying different levels and children of different ages studying the same material. I look forward to starting many more children on their Kumon journey!”

Kumon helps boost a child's confidence

How does the Kumon study programme work?

The Kumon worksheet-based study programmes have developed and evolved over the course of 60 years from working with students of all abilities, and although Kumon is an independent study programme, Elizabeth understands the importance of encouraging students to develop independent learning strategies. She provides the guidance her students need to take their learning into their own hands, increasing their motivation to succeed and achieve.

The worksheets are carefully constructed so there is only one conclusion that can be reached. It is very hard for the student to misunderstand where the example answers came from, and in this way, they can hypothesise about the reasons and can be creative with their knowledge.  Elizabeth’s careful observation of the child and her expertise in the setting of the ‘just right’ level of worksheet then ensures that they have enough practice to be able to complete the calculations in their head with speed. She works with each child to build upon their knowledge and help them be fluent in the topic.

Valuable skills for life

Equipped with these skills that are transferable to all aspects of life, our students are able to excel in their school, academic and even extracurricular activities, be it in different subjects, like science or history, project work, or the 11+ exams.

A recent study, conducted by the Education Policy Institute, in England has shown that Kumon students significantly outperform their peers in their Key Stage 2 SATs; achieving scores that place them over a year ahead of the national average, and over six months ahead of their matched peers in Maths learning, so there has never been a better time to try Kumon out for yourself!

Behind every successful student is a supportive parent, and nowhere is this truer than with Kumon study. Daily study at home enables children to work independently and take responsibility for their studies as each worksheet builds on skills they will have developed on the previous level. The role a parent plays is to guide where needed, but parents should ensure that their children, as far as possible complete the work by themselves.

This year marks 30 years since Kumon were officially established in the UK. Kumon is now the largest supplementary education provider in the UK and Ireland with more than 60,000 Kumon students learning at more than 630 study centres across the UK and Ireland. Kumon can help give your child the tools for a lifelong love of learning.

About the Kumon Lowton Study Centre

The Kumon Lowton Study Centre is located at St Mary’s Church Community Hall, Newton Road, Lowton, WA3 1DQ, with classes running on Monday from 3-5.30pm and on Saturday on Zoom from 1.30-5pm. Classes are still running during lockdown – but they are taking place remotely, over Zoom.

Free registration offer!

From 16 January – 31 March 2021, there’ll be no registration fee for new students- saving you £30 per subject per child. After that, you pay a flat monthly fee of £60 per subject – and for that, you’ll receive weekly classes and daily worksheets, all tailored to your child’s individual ability.

With no registration fee, you’ve nothing to lose – why not give Kumon a try and see how it can boost your child’s academic ability and confidence?

Get in touch

For more information, contact Instructor Elizabeth Forrester on 07585 667518, email lowton@kumoncentre.co.uk or visit the centre webpage https://www.kumon.co.uk/lowton/. You can also follow the centre on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KumonLowton.

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