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MP James Grundy lanches a petition against HS2's Golborne Spur

MP launches petition against HS2 line through Lowton & Golborne

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Our MP for Leigh, James Grundy, has launched a “Say NO to the HS2 Golborne Spur” petition, asking local people to join his fight against the controversial railway project.

During his time as a Councillor for the Lowton East ward, and now as Leigh’s Member of Parliament, Mr Grundy has been vocal about his objections to the Golborne Spur of HS2.

The Government has launched a new consultation on the remaining sections of HS2, including the Golborne Spur, and Mr Grundy is calling upon local people to sign his petition and demonstrate the local strength of feeling against this project.

What is the Golborne Spur of HS2?

The part of the line which affects Lowton and Golborne is a 12.1km section, which is planned to leave the main high-speed route from Crewe to Manchester before rejoining the West Coast Main Line south of Wigan. This part of the HS2 line would run through both Lowton and Golborne – and even cut right through Byrom Hall Wood.

A consultation is currently underway to gather people’s views on this proposal – which has been slightly amended in the most recent plans.

It had been thought that the Golborne Spur would be scrapped by the Government – after it emerged that this part of the line alone will cost £3bn on its own – something transport secretary Grant Shaps earlier this year suggested didn’t represent “value for money”.

What difference might the petition make?

Mr Grundy MP will include the results of the petition, including the number of signatures received, in his final consultation response to the Government.

He said: “Since the Golborne Spur of HS2 was first proposed, local opposition to the project has been immense, with local community groups, businesses, and local residents coming together to fight against the controversial proposals.

“Thousands of families, including my own, are affected by the route of the Golborne Spur. Not only will it damage our local area by destroying precious green spaces, people’s homes, and employment sites, it will also fail to provide us with any of the rewards, such as improved local rail connectivity in our area.

“This is why I have launched my “Say NO to the HS2 Golborne Spur” petition and calling for the help of Leigh residents, to continue to demonstrate to the Government our local opposition to this rail project.”

How can I sign?

To sign the petition, please visit www.jamesgrundy.org.uk/SayNoToTheHS2GolborneSpur . The MP’s petition will close at Midnight on the evening of Sunday 6 December.

Community backing for the petition

Mr Grundy’s petition also has the backing of local residents.

Linda Graham, Chair of Lowton West Residents, said: “HS2’s Golborne Spur is going to have a detrimental impact to the lives of local people. The proposed route will see our beautiful green spaces effectively destroyed, such as Byron Hall Wood, and will be a permanent scar on Lowton and Golborne.

“This is why I’ll be signing James Grundy MP’s petition against the Golborne Spur, as well as submitting my own response to the Government’s consultation.”

Ted Thwaite, Chair of Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum, said:“The Golborne Spur of HS2 has no benefit for the local area, including the wider Wigan borough. Local people want to see local rail connectivity improved to nearby towns and cities, rather than a rail project that will fail to reconnect our area to the local rail network.

“James Grundy MP has my full support in his fight against the Golborne Spur of HS2, and I hope that local residents will also sign his petition against this project.”

Mr Grundy is also encouraging people to respond to the Government’s consultation, as well as signing his petition, to ensure that local voices are heard throughout this consultation process.

Pictured top are James Grundy MP outside his constituency office, with Ted Thwaite, pictured left, and Linda Graham, pictured right.


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