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Masks donated to local businesses ahead of rule changes

With the wearing of face coverings in shops becoming mandatory from Friday, 24 July, some of our local councillors have been out and about distributing masks to small businesses, community groups and vulnerable residents.

Councillors Susan Gambles, Yvonne Klieve and Gena Merrett, from the Golborne and Lowton West ward, made the offer of free disposable masks on their Facebook page, and set out to deliver 2,000 of the face coverings to all those who needed them.

As well as delivering to shops, the three Labour councillors also dropped off packs of masks, supplied by Wigan Council, to disabled residents and gave advice to businesses about the current regulations that must be followed during the Covid-19 outbreak.

What are the new rules about face coverings?

You must wear a face covering when travelling on public transport and, from Friday, 24 July 2020, whenever you are in a shop or supermarket.
There is more information about the kinds of face coverings that are suitable, how to make your own, and when and why to wear one on the Government’s website.

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