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Lowton Co-op seeks local ‘Food Share’ partners

by Editor

Our local Co-op on Church Street, Lowton, is looking for two local community organisations who could help it reduce food waste by re-distributing unsold produce to local good causes.

The company is seeking ‘Food Share partners’ to regularly collect any fresh meat, fruit, vegetables or bread that is nearing its sell by date, and make it available to people who need it.

The quantity and type of food will vary depending on the day, and the organisation would be asked to collect on a regular weekly basis, later in the evening. Sometimes, there may be the opportunity for an early morning collection.

Co-op is hoping to identify two not-for-profit groups, that could regularly commit to collecting from Lowton and who could use the food to feed people within the community.

Any Food Share partner would also need to be registered as a food premises with their local authority.

Want to know more about becoming a Food Share partner with Co-op?

Please contact Sarah Healing, Member Pioneer at the Co-op. Email sarah.healing@coop.co.uk.