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The Grill House, outside Lowton Social Club

Lockdown inspires pop-up Grill House

You may have spotted a new addition to Newton Road in Lowton – the Grill House has sprung up, as if by magic, outside Lowton Social Club!

Serving up burgers, hot dogs and chicken, the Grill House has quickly become a firm favourite for many locals,  partly thanks to its mega Fully Loaded Breakfast Butty… served from 9am every day.

The Grill House is a temporary addition to Lowton and is the brainchild of Ponts Catering Company, who would usually at this time of year be attending events and outdoor attractions, but of course were not able to do this during lockdown.

The company decided to think a little differently, and Neil Ponts, who is a familiar face at the Social Club, came up with the idea of serving food from the Grill House there. Permission was granted by Wigan Council and they now pay the Social Club for the use of the space.

The Grill House says that as well as its breakfast options – which do include the more manageable bacon and sausage butties, the Grill House Ultimate Burger has been popular. Stacked with cheese, bacon, sausage and onions – finishing the burger has become something of a challenge amongst hungry customers!

 the Grill House's 'Ultimate Burger'.

Could you manage a whole one? It’s the Grill House’s ‘Ultimate Burger’.

The Grill House has a licence to operate from Lowton Social Club until the middle of September – after which Ponts Catering Co. will decide whether to continue there, or move on to the next adventure…

The Grill House is open from 9am – 6pm.

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