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Local Elections 2022: Results in Lowton & Golborne

by Editor

Local elections took place yesterday to decide on local councillors for Lowton and Golborne.

Counting in the local elections has been taking place overnight – and we now have the results!

Result in Golborne and Lowton West

Congratulations to Susan Gambles of the Labour Party, who has been re-elected to the ward. It was a convincing win with a majority of 613.

The full results were as follows:

  • Susan Gambles – Labour: 1,488
  • James Geddes – Conservative: 695
  • Andrew Holland – Liberal Democrat: 180

The turnout in Golborne and Lowton West was 28.3% – slightly down on the 2021 turnout, which was 31.9%.

Result in Lowton East

Congratulations to Edward Houlton, who has been re-elected for another term and holds the seat for the Conservatives.

The result was closer between Labour and Conservative than in last year’s local election – with only 225 votes in it. In 2021, Conservative candidate Marie Cooper won 756 more votes than her rivals, so it seems the gap has closed a little.

The results in full were:

  • Edward Houlton – Conservative: 1,995
  • Garry Lloyd – Labour: 1,770

The turnout in Lowton East was 35.3% – slightly down on last year, when 38.6% of eligible voters went to the polls.

The picture overall

With both current councillors retaining their seats, it means no change overall in the political makeup of our two towns. Golborne and Lowton West remains all Labour, whilst Lowton East continues to be dominated by the Conservatives.

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