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Local Elections 2021: Who are the candidates in Lowton and Golborne?

A local election takes place on Thursday, 6 May, 2021. It’s a chance for you to choose somebody who will sit on the local council on behalf of people living in your immediate neighbourhood, to help make decisions on day to day matters such as local services.

There are two main council wards covering Lowton and Golborne: Lowton East and Golborne and Lowton West.

Who is standing for election in Lowton East?

  • Marie Cooper – Conservative
  • Garry Lloyd – Labour
  • Chistopher Noon – Liberal Democrat.

Who is standing for election in Golborne and Lowton West?

  • Stan Crook – Conservative
  • Yvonne Klieve – Labour (the current councillor for the ward)
  • Susan Spibey – Independent
  • Brian Witt – Liberal Democrat.

You’ll also be asked to vote for your Mayor of Greater Manchester

The candidates will be confirmed tomorrow (Friday, 9 April) and will be published on the GM Elects website.

Who currently represents me?

In Golborne and Lowton West, there are three Labour councillors:

  • Cllr Susan Gambles
  • Cllr Gena Merrett
  • Cllr Yvonne Klieve (who is up for election this time).

Lowton East is currently held by three Conservative councillors:

  • Cllr Edward Houlton
  • Cllr Kathleen Houlton
  • Cllr James Grundy (who is stepping down this time due to his election as MP for Leigh in 2019).

How do I register to vote?

If you’re not on the electoral register, you won’t get a say. You can register to vote on Wigan Council’s website. You need to be registered by 19 April in order to vote in the Local Elections on 6 May.

If you would like to vote by post in these elections, rathter than attend a polling station on the day, you can register for a postal vote – but you must do it before 20 April.

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