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Priest prepares for Holy Communion

Holy Communion returns to some local churches

Following the Covid-19 shutdown, churches in Lowton and Golborne started holding services again last month – but there was no offer of Holy Communion, until now.

This week, worshippers will be able to take Holy Communion, in a simplified form, at Lowton St Luke’s on Sunday 2 August at 10am. There will be another chance on Sunday 9 August at 10.30am at Lowton St. Mary’s and at 10.30am on Sunday 16 August at Golborne St.Thomas.

In an update to parishioners, Rev. Jonathan Stott said: “As each church building is different there have needed to be three separate risk assessments. The service itself and the logistics of the receiving of communion will be explained to each congregation at the beginning of the worship. One size fitting all is not possible in our context.

“Holy Communion will only be celebrated in one of our churches at a time and the other churches in the team will have a service of morning worship if it is not their turn for Communion.

 Following the three dates for Holy Communion at the churches, there will be a review of how to continue in the future.

Meanwhile, office hours have been reintroduced at the three churches. This will begin as follows: Monday 10 August 7-7.30pm at Golborne St. Thomas, Tuesday 11 August from 7-7.30pm at Lowton St Luke’s and Wednesday 12 August from 6-7pm at Lowton St Mary’s.

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