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Changes to Golborne Library opening hours

by Editor

Opening times at Golborne Library will change later this month – with no ‘late’ opening and shorter days, but a return to opening on Wednesdays.

The new hours are part of a review into local library provision by Wigan Council – part of its ongoing efforts to manage cuts in its funding from central Government.

Thankfully, Golborne Library will remain open despite the challenges the council faces financially, but on some days the opening hours are being cut, and the ‘late-night’ opening on Thursdays will cease.

What will the new opening hours at Golborne Library be?

From Monday, 21 August, the opening times will be:

Mondays 9am-2pm (currently 10am-5pm)
Tuesdays 9am-2pm (currently 10am-5pm)
Wednesdays 9am-2pm (currently closed)
Thursdays 12pm-5pm (currently 10am-7pm)
Friday 12pm-5pm (currently 10am-5pm)
Saturday – 9am-2pm (currently 10am-2pm)
Sunday – closed (currently closed).
Children's Library at Golborne Library

Children’s Library at Golborne Library

What do the changes mean?

It means that overall, the opening hours for Golborne Library are going down, from 34 to 30 per week. This is in line with all the other ‘community libraries in the borough. Meanwhile, the ‘central’ libraries at Leigh and Wigan will be open for 45 hours per week.

The Museum of Wigan Life and Archives and Local Studies at Leigh will also be adopting the same opening hours as community libraries.

The new opening hours at Golborne Library means that on some days the library will open earlier than before – at 9am Monday to Wednesday and on Saturday. But it will open later than currently on Thursday and Friday – 12pm rather than 10am. So the changes could be good news for some and not such good news for others.

What do you think?

Will these changes to the library opening hours affect you? Will they make it easier for you to visit the library, or more difficult? Or are you just glad that we’ve managed to keep our local library – after all many other places in the country have seen closures as a result of Government cuts. Let us know in the comments below.

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