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GCSE students really make the grade

by Editor

Congratulations to all the young people in Lowton and Golborne who collected GCSE results today!

With grading returning to pre-pandemic levels, pupils were warned that there would be a drop in performance this year – with not as many pupils achieving passes, or perhaps not at the higher grades.

But there was still much to celebrate as pupils defied all that to put in some fantastic individual performances at our local schools – and after collecting their results are now looking forward to their next steps.

Here’s how some of our local schools and pupils got on…

At Golborne High…

Golborne High pupils collect their GCSE results

Golborne High said they “could not be prouder” of their Year 11 pupils, who have achieved fantastic results due to their “diligence and positivity throughout a very challenging time in education.”

Head teacher Mrs Gormally – who is marking her last GCSE results day at the school before she leaves at the end of this year – said: The staff and Governors at Golborne High School have been impressed by the fortitude of our Year 11 pupils who have shown such maturity in a climate of confusion. The results they have achieved are the outcome of 5 years of hard work and unwavering support from the staff and parents.

Golborne High pupils collect their GCSE results

She said team work between staff, pupils and parents had led them on to success and praised staff as “the most diligent, caring and professional team that a school could wish for.”

This year’s highest achievers were:

  • Amy J – 7 grade 9s,1 grade 8, 1 grade 6
    Kyra M -7 grade 9s. 1 grade 8, 1 D2*
    Carys D – 8 grade 9s, 1 grade 8
    Raffaele G – 4 grade 9s, 8 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s
    Chloe R – 5 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s
    Cheryl C – 4 grade 9s, 1 D2*,3 grade 8s
    Jamie s – 3 grade 9s,5 grade 8s, 1 grade 7

And there was praise too for this group of students, who made exceptional progress to significantly exceed their target grades:

  • Mike S– 2 D2*, 1 grade 8,3 grade 7s, 2 grade 6 and 1 grade 5
    Jenna P – 2 grade 9s,5 grade 8s, 1 grade 7 , 1 grade 6
    Robert C – 3 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s
    Sarah S – 1 grade 9, 3 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s, 1 grade 6
    Kay W – 1 grade 9 ,3 grade 8s,1 grade 7,2 grade 6, 2 grade 5

Golborne High pupils collect their GCSE results

Mrs Gormally added: “We are incredibly proud of the success that all of our Year 11 pupils have achieved. We will miss our Year 11 pupils and we will follow their success with interest and pride. Congratulations and good luck to all of you.

At Lowton High

Lowton High pupils pick up GCSE results

Students and staff at Lowton Church of England High School are celebrating this year’s GCSE results, with 52% of all exam entries being a strong pass (grade 5 or higher) and 76% of grades at grade 4 and above.

An impressive 80% of students in English achieved grade 4 or higher and 74% in mathematics, providing a strong foundation for the choice students make as they embark on their college courses. These are similar levels to that achieved in the excellent results last year.

Lowton High pupils pick up GCSE results

Most students in Year 10 took their Religious Studies a year early.  More than 1 in 5 students achieved the top grades a year before they finish their other GCSEs, with 63% achieving grade 4 or higher, and more than half a strong grade 5 pass.

These outcomes build on the success of the school last year, when it achieved ‘Good’ in all areas when it was inspected in March 2023.

Kieran Larkin, headteacher said: “These results are well deserved by students who have faced a tough last few years. Despite these challenges, there was 100% attendance by our students at their exams this year, reflecting their commitment and resilience.

Lowton High pupils pick up GCSE results

“The achievements of students show that through hard work, dedication and aspiration for yourself you can achieve great things.  We wish each of them the very best as they move on to the next chapter in their life. I want to pay particular tribute to our amazing staff team who have consistently gone above and beyond so that our students can succeed.”

Culcheth High School

GCSE Results Day 2023 at Culcheth High School was a great day celebrating individual success, collective success and the end of a five-year journey for their Year 11 students.

Head teacher Mr Hunt said: “On behalf of the staff and governors of Culcheth High School, I would like to congratulate our Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE exam results. There have also been some fantastic individual performances, which reflect the hard work of the students in their GCSE studies. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students for their efforts and wish them all the very best in their next steps.”

This year at Culcheth High, 70% of students achieved a ‘Basics Standard Pass’, which is Grade 4 and above, in GCSE English and Mathematics. 48% of students achieved a ‘Basics Strong Pass’, which is Grade 5 and above, in GCSE English and Mathematics.

Mr Hunt added: “Culcheth High School’s 2023 GCSE Results aren’t just down to the examinations sat in the summer term but are a result of five years of dedication, enthusiasm and hard work on behalf of everyone in our school community.

“Students have achieved what they fully deserve and it fills us with pride that they leave Culcheth High School to start their next chapter in their journey.”

He also offered congratulations to some of Culcheth High’s best performing pupils, who include Kira Bartha, Trick Bentham, Freya Brogan, Emma Burnham, Grace Campbell, Cameron Clucas, William Cooper, Lucy Guinan, Isaac Hilton, Ansel Horton, Oliver Horton, Ruby Hughes, Evie Maloney, Thomas Patten, Alexander Percival, Daniel Smith, Emma Wills, Sarah Wills and Heidi Wyke.

Hope Academy

Hope Academy pupils collect GCSE results

Principal of Hope Academy, Mrs Adams, said: “Our students have worked so diligently over the last two years and have achieved results they should be incredibly proud of.

“However, more importantly, these results will allow the vast majority of our students to progress to their preferred next destination.

Hope Academy pupils collect GCSE results

“Each one of the Class of 2023 ought to be fiercely proud of the hard work, dedication and resilience they have all shown over the course of the last two years, both to their own education and to each other. They all deserve the very best life chances in the future, and I am confident that these individual results will help them to take the first important step on their many different journeys with great confidence.

Hope Academy pupils collect GCSE results

“We know all our students have wonderful plans for next year and we are both interested and excited to see what they go on to achieve. Their success has been down to their hard work combined with the passion of our staff. Well done team Hope!”

Byrcall High School

Brychall High School’s head teacher, Alan Birchall, said: “We are very proud today of the success and all of the hard work of our students. Their school pathway was of course impacted by the pandemic; however, they have remained both committed to learning and positive in their attitudes to work.

£Our staff and whole school community have been dedicated to supporting each individual and today we are pleased to share their results with them, and to wish them well as they move forward in their learning.

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