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View of the railway line through Golborne, where the station used to be

Funding boost for Golborne’s railway station dream

by Editor

Additional funding will be secured to help deliver the dream of a new railway station for Golborne – with an extra £340,000 set to be put aside by Greater Manchester Combined Authority today.

Golborne has not had a railway station for 60 years, but recently the campaign to re-open the station has gathered a head of steam over recent years, with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and Leigh MP James Grundy amongst those championing the project.

Those in favour of the station worked hard to successfully build a case for its reopening – but there was always a question mark over how the station would be paid for.

In January 2021, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority pledged £15m towards the cost of rebuilding a station to serve Golborne. Since then, more than £700,000 has been allocated to develop the plans and establish what the final costs of delivering the station might be.

If reopened, passengers using the new Golborne Station would have easy access to both Wigan and to Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly. More routes may even follow at a later stage. It would be the first time that Golborne has been connected by rail in more than 60 years.

When did Golborne Station close, and why?

Golborne Railway Station, circa 1910

How the old Golborne Railway Station once looked, at around 1910. Copyright photo from the John Alsop collection.

Golborne Station opened in the 1930s on what became the West Coast Mainline. It was originally known as Golborne Gate, later just as ‘Golborne’ and subsequently Golborne South.

The station was one of those earmaked for closure as part of the Beeching cuts, which saw more than 2,300 stations close across the country. Golborne Station saw its last passengers on 6 February 1961. Goods traffic continued there until just after a year later.

You can read more about the station’s history on disused-stations.org.uk.

A very kind thank you to John Alsop for allowing us to use the image above, showing Golborne Station as it was around 1910.

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1 comment

Alan Percival January 27, 2023 - 11:38 am

What a shame that all the credit now seems to be becoming political, and just in time for the local elections again. Big splash that the funding is coming from GM when in fact the money is being given by government following a successful bid by James Grundy, speaking personally to the minister responsible. Little or no mention of Community groups who fought for so long to help bring this about, bringing the matter to the attention of the press and pushing the councillors to get on board. One of the previous articles published here (again just before election time) noted community involvement. Unfortunately that seems to have been forgotten in this article. Previous comments were……

Reacting to the news, Alan Percival from Golborne and Lowton West Voice said: “Great news today regarding our town being earmarked for a new station. Thanks to everyone on the Voice who have campaigned so hard to make this happen.
“This couldn’t happen without the support of the community. It is the local people who strive to make our town “the best that it can be” who should take the credit for this.
“There’s still a way to go and we are now relying on others to take forward the plan to completion.”
James Grundy, MP for Leigh, said: “I strongly welcome the progress that has been made in the last twelve months regarding the proposed reopening of Golborne Station.

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