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St Mary's Church in Lowton

Churches close for lockdown

by Editor Lowton and Golborne News

Whilst current national lockdown rules state that churches can remain open for worship, most of those in Lowton and Golborne have chosen to stay closed to protect their congregations.

St Thomas’s in Golborne, St Luke’s and St Mary’s in Lowton said it was “with regret” they had decided,  in conjunction with the Liverpool Diocese, to close all churches in the Parish.

They will be posting videos to their Facebook pages and Whatsapp group in the interim.

All Saints RC Church in Golborne, too, is closed. Writing on the parish website, Parish Priest Father Gordon Abbs said: “I felt there was no other option than to close our churches for public mass until at least the easing of the present lockdown by the Prime Minister.

“The scientific officers this morning have reported that this is the ‘most dangerous time’ of the pandemic. Since the overwhelming majority of our Parishioners are in the category that is awaiting the jab over the next month, you can now safely wait for this without putting yourself at risk by travelling to/from church and participating at mass. For whilst we have attempted to maintain this risk at a minimum, it is still a risk.”

Mass will still take place on the church website.

Golborne Methodist Church is also closed for worship, but is running some services over Zoom. Visit their Facebook page to find out more.

Lowton Independent Methodist Church on Newton Road is still holding services, though, as they are able to socially distance chairs inside the building. Vulnerable members of the congregation are staying away though, and the church is keeping in contact with them electronically.


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