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Gemstone Diamonds

Cheerleaders compete to be ‘best of the best’

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Congratulations to Gemstone Cheer, who have continued their winner streak by being invited to compete in a one-of-a-kind competition to determine the very best cheerleaders in the UK.

Gemstone, who now have their own dance studio in Spinners Mill, Leigh, enjoyed an impressive trophy haul in 2019, with their troupes winning nine 1st places, nine 2nd places and five 3rd place trophies at competitions throughout the UK.

But their latest success came at the ICC Championships in Blackpool, one of the hardest competitions any of Gemstone’s dance teams have attended. They were up against large categories and dance clubs that have been going for many years, but each dancer from Gemstone gave it everything and their Junior pom dance team, Gemstone Diamonds, won a bid (like an invite) to compete in this June’s ‘Battle of the Champions’.

Gemstone Diamonds perform

Gemstone Diamonds perform

Battle of the Champions is a one of a kind bid event/invitation only competition where the best of the best compete against each other to find out who is the true champion of the UK.

Gemstone Diamonds is made up of 10 extremely talented Leigh and Lowton based girls, all aged between 12-16 years old. Each dancer joined Gemstone with zero experience in pom dance and some with no experience in cheerleading at all – so to win this bid in just three years is an amazing achievement – well done girls!

Some of the tophies and prizes won by Gemstone Diamonds

Some of the tophies and prizes won by Gemstone Diamonds

But now – an extra team member is needed!

Unfortunately one of the Gemstone Diamonds dancers is unable to attend the competition, which takes place on Saturday, June 27 at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, so Gemstone are now on the lookout for an additional dancer to start training now and join the girls at the championships.

In fact, Gemstone is always welcoming to new dancers of all ages – they currently have six teams for dancers ranging in age from four to 25+ years old.

For more information, contact head coach Lydia Gough on 07802417516 or email gemstonecheerleading@gmail.com.

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