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Snowy woodland scene in Lowton

Celebrating winter in Lowton & Golborne: Your photos

by Editor

This winter, we challenged you to send us your best photos of the season as it played out in Lowton and Golborne. And you did not disappoint! 

Here are the best of those we received – we think you’ll agree they really capture the beauty of our local area.

Andrew Bromelow

Andrew Bromelow's picture of clouds above Braithwaite Road in Lowton.

Andrew spotted these clouds above Braithwaite Road in Lowton, and photographed them after noticing how much they reminded him of a painting by Turner. They really do, don’t they!

Billie Abbott

Billie Abbott's photo of a snowy forest.
Billie Abbott's photo of a snowy forest with an icy stream running through it

Brrrrrr…. you can just feel the icy cold temperatures in these stunning pictures of Millingford Brook, Golborne, taken by Billie Abbott just after some fresh snow fall.

Cindy Dinsmore

Cindy Dinsmore's photo of a winter morning in Lowton

How lovely is the colour of the sky in this photo of the fields near Garton Drive in Lowton? And the crisp icy grass as Cindy enjoyed a winter dog walk this January. 

Natalie Wild

Red sky sunset

The sky really looks ablaze in this dramatic photograph of the sun setting over Holly Road in Golborne!

Maria Monaghan

Maria Monaghan's photo shows a snowman novelty mug filled with a hot drink whilst looking out over a snowy garden

Maria stayed warm and suitably seasonal as she enjoyed a nice hot drink in this snowman mug whilst enjoying the lovely view of her winter garden in Lowton.

Patricia Shippam 

Patricia Shippam's photo of a snowy garden

Patricia woke up to this rather lovely scene in her garden in Lowton, after a good covering of snow on Tuesday, 16 January 2024. Beautiful!

Stephanie Palin

Stephanie Palin's photo of a snowy scene

This magical looking scene was taken by Stephanie in her back garden on Newton Road, Lowton. So beautiful with those lovely mature trees covered in snow and the fields beyond. 

Julie Briscoe


These picture perfect skies were captured on camera beautifully by Julie. The picture was taken whilst walking past St Thomas’s Church in Golborne.

Stephen Williamson 

Stephen’s dog, Bear, looks more like a Polar Bear as he explores the strange white stuff that’s covering the ground outside his home in Lowton! Bear is only a six month old pup and, according to Stephen, he was a bit unsure of the snow at first but soon loved it! 

Harry Eaves

Harry Eaves' photo of Keepers in the snow and ice
Harry Eaves' photo of Keepers in the snow and ice

Harry Eaves took these stunning photos in Keepers Wood, Golborne, showing the recent snowfall and the frozen pond. They certainly capture the beauty of January’s freeze! 

Harry is a keen photographer and it’s well worth giving his Instagram account a follow for more local images – you’ll find it at: evophotography__

David Heaton

David was up and out early to capture this stunning image of sunrise over Pennington Flash, Leigh,  in January. Beautiful!

Dilys Gore

These captivating photos were taken in and around Pennington Flash by Dilys Gore. Absolutely beautiful – look at that frozen canal! 

Valerie Hurst

Valerie Hurst's photos of her cherry trees in winter

Valerie was kind enough to send us some beautiful pictures of her cherry trees – on Church Lane, Lowton – when they were a mass of autumn colours. And here they are in winter, covered in snow. We cannot wait to see the spring transformation, Valerie! 

Brian Dixon 

Brian Dixon’s images capture the winter wonderland transformation along the footpath by St Catherine’s School in Lowton on the morning that snow fell. It looks like the scene from a Christmas card! 

Laura Chiocci-Griffiths

Sunset sky over Golborne

What a stunner this is! Laura took this gorgeous photo of the sun setting over Hazel Grove in Golborne. Wow. 

Claire Shepherd

Claire Shepherd's picture of a winter day at Pennington Flash with sailing boats on the water

Claire captured this winter scene at Pennington Flash, where the sailers aren’t put off by the winter weather! 

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos for our Winter Photo Challenge! 

You’ve helped us create a lovely snapshop of our towns throughout the season. From snowfall to sunsets, snowmen to snow dogs! 

Now, we’re on the lookout for your photographs as Spring 2024 unfolds. 

Send us your pictures to news@lowtonandgolbornenews.co.uk. Don’t forget to tell us who took the picture, and where. You can view the terms and conditions for our photo challenges here.

Have you enjoyed these pictures?

Please leave a comment below to let us – and the photographers – know what you thought! 

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