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Bridgewater Home Care

Bridgewater Home Care: First class care for the ones you love

by Editor Lowton and Golborne News


Bridgewater Home Care believe that everyone should have access to high quality care and support from the comfort of their own home, improving quality of life and enhancing independence.

They are a leading provider of non-medical, relationship focussed, care at home for vulnerable adults and pride themselves on the exceptional quality of their care and highly skilled team.

Operating across Wigan and Warrington, Bridgewater Home Care provide the essential daily help and support at home for those who need it, whilst also giving back time to family members with caring responsibilities.

Whether your loved one needs an extra hour’s support here and there, or they require full time, round the clock care, at Bridgewater Home Care they’ll start with you and build a personalised life plan to suit your needs.

What services do Bridgewater Home Care offer?

  • Companionship
  • Home help & housekeeping
  • Personal care
  • Respite care
  • Specialist care
  • Live-in care
  • and much more!


Bridgewater Home Care offers companionship services

It’s heart-breaking to think that many older people will experience loneliness in their later years. Sometimes families can’t spend as much time as they’d like to with their loved ones, and sadly, isolation can become a huge issue.

Bridgewater Home Care’s Companions are there for emotional and physical support whenever you may need them. Whether it’s popping in for a cup of tea every now and then, or being there to help out with daily activities, they can provide that friendly, familiar face to talk to and confide in.

Home help and housekeeping

Bridgewater Home Care offers home help services

Household responsibilities can often become overwhelming for those living alone or with reduced mobility. Bridgewater Home Care provide help with all the daily duties of living at home, enabling their clients to enjoy their day without worrying about getting the housework done!

For those who become less able to move around the home easily our home help service can be the perfect solution for maintaining your home as your own sanctuary and improving quality of life.

Personal care

Bridgewater Home Care offers personal care

It is so important in later years of life to maintain good personal hygiene as well as taking care of physical and mental wellbeing. Bridgewater Home Care believe that good personal care is the key to enhancing quality of life and leading a happy and healthier lifestyle, especially as you get older.

Bridgewater’s Care Specialists are expertly matched to your loved one based on personality and preferences in order to provide the best possible service and create a trusting relationship. Receiving care from the comfort of your own home is invaluable.

Respite care

Bridgewater Home Care offers respite care

Bridgewater aim to give back time to those with caring responsibilities as well as help those they look after to stay as independent as possible.

Their respite care service allows for as little or as much support to be arranged as desired by you and your loved one. It includes all their companionship, home help and specialist care services to enable your loved one to live well, from the comfort of their own home.

Specialist care

Bridgewater Home Care offers specialist care

Bridgewater’s specialist care allows your loved one to receive the necessary help and support of daily life along with caring for symptoms of a specialist condition.

Their expertly trained Care Specialists have a breadth of knowledge on how to care for those living with a variety of long-term conditions allowing them to live better and more comfortably at home.

Their care service also allows for those family members with caring responsibilities some time back to themselves.

Live-in care

Bridgewater Home Care offers live in care

Bridgewater Home Care’s 24 hour live-in care service is to support those who are unable to fully support themselves at home and do not wish to move into residential care. It provides your loved one with the opportunity to continue living in familiar surroundings whilst receiving round-the-clock support from their full-time Care Specialist.

Living at home is extremely beneficial in older age and allows your loved one to continue doing what they love, in an environment they treasure.

How can Bridgwater Home Care support you and your family?

If you would like to know more about Bridgewater Home or to discuss the help and support they can provide for a loved one, please contact them by phone 01942 215 888 or email info@bridgewaterhomecare.co.uk.

You can also visit their website www.bridgewaterhomecare.co.uk.

Keep up with all the news from Bridgewater Home Care

Regular updates, news items and blog posts detailing everything going on at Bridgewater Home Care can be found on their website at https://bridgewaterhomecare.co.uk/news/.

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