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Amy from Bakerleigh Memorable Care

Do you need help to live independently at home? Amy has the answer!

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As we get older and living independently becomes a little harder – or when we’re caring for a loved one who needs lots of our time and attention, sometimes a little extra help goes a long way.

Making the decision to bring in an independent care provider can seem like a big decision, and it’s one we often spend a lot of time thinking about before feeling sure we’ve made the right choice. But it’s also one that you’ll rarely regret – your time is precious and an extra pair of hands makes a huge difference to your quality of life.

When it comes to receiving care in our own home, a personal connection with the person delivering that care can make a big difference. After all, if they really get to know us, and what we need to make life a little easier, they’re better able to offer a service that achieves the maximum benefits for our lives.

A personal approach is key

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And that’s where Bakerleigh Memorable Care comes in. The company is the brainchild of 41-year-old care professional Amy Roper from Golborne, who aims to give clients better one-to-one care, with visits that are never rushed and a personal approach that allows client and carer to forge a close working bond.

“I’ve always worked with people in my career and what I really enjoy is doing my bit to help them live a positive and rewarding life,” explains Amy. “I’ve worked in customer care, then as a dental nurse before moving into the care sector, which I just loved. But working for a big company, we were always pushed for time. We never got enough time with the customers. They always had some many stories to tell and I rarely got chance to hear them.

“Now, working for my own company, I finally have the chance to build those relationships. My clients like having a friendly, regular face they can trust and rely on and I love that I can get to know and understand their individual needs – I like to make all my clients feel special.”

What services can Bakerleigh Memorable Care offer?

Bakerleigh Memorable Care offers a range of services to suit each person’s needs. Amy’s philosophy is to ensure that her service enhances the life of her client – in whatever way is most important to them.

“I offer quite a flexible service, which is totally centred around the customer,” says Amy, a mum-of-one. “Companionship Care is a really important thing which makes an enormous impact on the life of the client and their families. This could be me coming to sit with the customer while a family member has to go out, taking them out for some fresh air and a change of scene, running their errands for them or taking them to appointments.

“I also offer respite for family members who might be the person’s main carer – I’m flexible and happy to do whatever makes the biggest difference on that day- be that walking the dog, preparing a meal or helping with light household duties… all with a smile on my face, too!”

Always see the same carer – one who isn’t always rushing off to the next appointment

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With Bakerleigh Memorable Care, you don’t have to worry about who’ll be coming to your door – it’ll always be that same, familiar face. Of course, Amy has a full enhanced DBS clearance. Hiring a self-employed carer like Amy has other benefits, too – without the overheads that a big care company has, you’ll pay less, too.

“For families, employing me to help out means some well-deserved time out for them. I can come whilst they have to work, or see to other commitments, so its peace of mind that their loved one isn’t left alone when they can’t be there.”

Amy’s on the lookout for new clients now

Amy from Bakerleigh Memorable Care

Amy from Bakerleigh Memorable Care

This is a new venture for hardworking Amy, who is looking forward to being able to put her clients first as a self-employed carer without the time limits and other restrictions that came with working for a company. Now she’s busy letting people know about what she can offer, meeting potential clients and filling up her diary. So, if you’d like an informal chat with her before she’s fully booked, now is the time to get in contact. Simply give Amy a call on 07539867136 or send her an email.

“My previous customers always used to say I reminded them of their daughters or granddaughters because I took the time to care, understand them and make them smile,” says Amy. “I take that as a massive compliment and really got the sense that they looked forward to me coming every time.

“I’ve worked with ladies with Parkinson’s that were house bound but with the happiest outlook on life and former-brain surgeons that told me all about their lives and their families. I enjoyed spending that time to learn about them and meet their family members.

“For me, the best part of my job is making a difference to people, knowing they are looked after and happy – which I know is exactly what they and their families want too. Without the constraints of running from job to job in set time scales, worrying about understaffing. I take pride in my work and I’m so excited to start filling in the diary with lots of lovely new clients.”

Find out more about how Bakerleigh Memorable Care could improve your life

If you think Amy could help you, or a loved one, why not get in touch with her for an informal chat?

“I know that taking the decision to bring in some outside help can be a big one. But it really can be a turning point, taking away lots of the stress and worry that you and your family might be feeling as you try to do it all on your own,” says Amy.

“I can assure families that I will look after your loved one as if they were my own family. I want you to get to know me and see my passion for your family member.”

Take the first step towards an easier, more fulfilling life

Once you hire Amy, she will work with you to develop a plan which addresses all your day to day needs as well as those things you love to do that you need a little help to achieve – whether that’s walking your pet, doing the garden or visiting the shops. This plan is totally flexible and developed in consultation with you – if at any time your needs change, so does the plan.

Get in touch today

Call Amy on 07539867136, email bakerleighmemorablecare@gmail.com or visit her Facebook page.


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