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Autumn photo challenge for Lowton & Golborne

by Editor

To celebrate the best of the season, we’re inviting you to share your photos of autumn in Lowton and Golborne with us.

With the leaves turning some brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange, stunning sunrises and rainbows over the wet skies, there’s lots to enjoy!

If you’d like to join in our challenge, send our photo to news@lowtonandgolbornenews.co.uk. Tell us who took it, and where.

Here are some of our favourites received so far:

Penny Millett – Sunset over Primula Drive, Lowton

Penny Millet's photo of sunset over Primula Drive, Lowton

Becky Hodgson – Golborne St Thomas Church: “A venue with a view”.

Becky Hodgson's picture of St Thomas Church in Golborne in Autumn 2020

Ann Glennon – sunrise over her Golborne garden

Ann Glennon's photo of sunrise over her Golborne garden

Steven Lube – A stroll down the canal

Steven Lube's picture of a stroll down the canal in Autumn 2020

Daniel Carty -Early Autumn at Highfield Farm, Lowton

Daniel Carty's image of blackberries growing in early Autumn at Highfield Farm Lowton

Sophie Elizabeth – Sunrise over Keepers, Golborne

Sophie Elizabeth's photo of sunrise over Keepers in Golborne

Julie Briscoe – Sunrise over Newton Road, Lowton

Julie Briscoe's picture of sunrise over Newton Road

Gaynor Thilwind – Millingford Brook along Bridge Street, Golborne

Gaynor Thilwind's autumnal scene at the brook which runs along Bridge Street, Golborne

Viktor Madarasz, views on a Sunday walk

Victor Madarasz's photo shows a view across a field at sunset

Pat McGee – Sunset over Abbey Road, Lowton

Pat McGee's photo of sunset over Abbey Road, Lowton, November 2020

Jennifer Blease-Williams – A walk by Haydock Racecourse

Jennifer Blease-Wiliams' photo of autumn 2020 near Haydock Racecourse

Penny Millett – autumn trees in her back garden in Primula Drive, Lowton

Penny Millett's photographs showing autumn colours in her Lowton back garden

Nikki Parker- a walk down Keepers

Nikki Parker's photo of Keepers in Golborne in Autumn 2020

Gill Irving – Walking the canal path between Dover lock and Leigh

Gill Irving's photo of the canal path between Dover Lock and Leigh in autumn 2020

Sarah Smith – Keepers Wood

Sarah Smith's photo of Keepers Wood, Golborne, in Autumn 2020

Naomi Jessica – Sunrise on Newton Road, Lowton

Naomi Jessica's photo of sunrise over Newton Road, Lowton in Autumn 2020

Stephanie Palin – Morning light on the trees in her Newton Road garden

Stephanie Palin's photo of autumn in her Newton Road garden

Kay Jones from Golborne – Autumn holiday to St Andrews, Scotland

An autumn scene in St Andrew's Scotland, taken by Kay Jones from Golborne

Dale Summers – a ‘secret’ location near Pennington Flash

Dale Summers' photo of Pennington Flash in autumn colours 2020

Angela Percival – autumn leaves at St Thomas’ Church, Golborne

Angela Percival's photo of St Thomas's church, Golborne, in autumn 2020

Neil Darbyshire – Rainbow over new homes on Rothwells Farm, Golborne

Neil Darbyshire's photo of a rainbow over Rothwells Farm housing development in Golborne

@KindnessMel on Twitter – A walk down Keepers and the Three Sisters

An autumn scene on a walk down Keepers and 3 sisters by KindnessMel on Twitter

Rainbow over Kenyon Hall Farm, Croft

Rainbow over Kenyon Hall Farm

Bbev Hall Palfreyman – view from her home office in Lowton

Bbev Hall Palfreyman's photo of the view from her home office in Lowton in autumn 2020

Andrew Bromelow – trees near Braithwaite Playground, Lowton

Andrew Bromelow's photo of autumn trees near Braithewaite Playground in Lowton, October 2020

Michelle Amberry – taken in her Lowton back garden

Michelle Amberry's photo of her Lowton back garden in autumn 2020

Julie Briscoe – St Thomas’s Church, Golborne

Julie Briscoe's photo of St Thomas's Church in Golborne, Autumn 2020

Kirsty Lee McMillan – Pennington Flash

Kirsty Lee McMillan's photo of an autumn tree at Pennington Flash

We will be adding new photos as we get them.

… So please keep checking back to see more lovely images of autumn in our towns.

We’ll also share some of your pictures on our social media channels – so make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.