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Aisla Mae, who is taking on a daily walking challenge for charity

Aisla Mae, 8, goes the extra mile for children’s charity

by Editor Lowton and Golborne News

Kind-hearted Aisla Mae from Lowton has set herself the challenge of walking 2 miles every day until the end of March to raise money for a local charity.

Eight-year-old Aisla Mae came up with the idea after learning about Children’s Mental Health Week – and wanting to do what she could to make other young people happy.

And now, come rain, shine or snow, Aisla Mae is taking a daily sponsored walk on routes around Lowton and Golborne to raise money for Wigan and Leigh Young Carers. And, if she sticks to an average of 2 miles per day she’ll be on her way to clocking up more than 100 miles in total!

Aisla Mae walking across a field

Mum Leanne Parr says Aisla Mae is always looking out for others and making kind gestures for friends. When she noticed that one friend had been feeling down and upset recently, she came up with the idea of doorstep visits and dropping off little treats to let her friend know she was thinking of her during lockdown.

It was then she started thinking about how she could help other children, even if she didn’t know them. She hit on the idea of a series of sponsored walks – but then needed to work out which cause most closely fit what she hoped to achieve.

“We looked at a few charities, but Aisla Mae wanted to do it for children and close to home,” explains Leanne. “Wigan and Leigh Young Carers fit all of Aisla Mae’s criteria and from looking at the website and speaking to them, we definitely made the right choice. What they do is fantastic.”

Aisla Mae out on a walk

Aisla Mae – who is a keen dancer with Apple Dance in Leigh – set herself an initial target to raise £200 for the charity – which she achieved in less than 48 hours. She’s now doubled that, with more than £420 raised – and still plenty of miles of fundraising left to go!

She said: “I wanted to try and help a local charity, especially one that helps children. There are so many children that need help all the time and I’m going to try and raise some money. It might not be lots but anything is lots when you help people.”

Proud mum Leanne added: “Aisla Mae knows the importance of looking out for others both physically and mentally and I’m just so proud that she’s doing such a selfless and kind thing. She always tells me that she can do anything as long as she tries.”

What a fantastic attitude, Aisla Mae!

Sponsor Aisla Mae

If you can give a few pounds to this fantastic fundraiser, simply go to her Go Fund Me page and make a donation.

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