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Illustration shows live-in-carer with happy client

8 alternatives to a care home that might work best for your loved one


As we get older, it’s natural that we sometimes need a little extra help.

For some of us, just a little assistance with some of the tasks we begin to find difficult is all we need – for example, help with bathing, cooking or dressing. For others, there is a round-the-clock need – perhaps with conditions such as dementia or neuromuscular disorders.

When you, or a loved one, begins to need more help, it’s sometimes not possible for a partner or family members to be there all the time, or to have the specialist skills that might be needed. Caring for a loved one 24-7 can be rewarding, but also incredibly exhausting – and there comes a point where some respite and rest is essential for the person delivering the care.

Too often, we assume that the choices available are a stark choice between residential care or family caring for their loved one at home. But the truth is, there are a range of options that can be shaped around your circumstances to provide the perfect solution for your family.

We found out about some of the range of services that local home care provider, Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh provide for people in our area.

1 – Homecare & support with household tasks

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If tasks like housework, shopping and cooking meals are becoming tricky, an experienced care giver can spend time with you helping with these tasks or carrying them out for you. They can also assist with personal hygiene too, helping with washing or dressing and delivering personal care. You may never have used a care giver before, but as Julie Houston, Managing Director of Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh explains, it’s often not long before they start to feel like part of the extended family. “We take great care to match each family with the right Care Giver for them,” she explains. “It means they can build genuine friendships and trust, so that the service is completely tailored to the client’s needs.”

If you think Home Care sounds right for you, read more about what Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh can provide.

2 – Companionship and support

Carer and gentleman walk in the park together

Loneliness can have a serious impact on both your mental and physical wellbeing. As we get older, sadly social isolation can become a real problem for many of us – and family can’t always be there as much as they’d like to be. That’s where companionship care givers come in. It means a friendly face taking time with the client – taking them out in the community, possibly to groups or events, keeping them company whilst enjoying a favourite hobby or helping them make journeys on public transport to visit others. They can take you on a day trip, or just be there so there’s someone to listen and talk to. “Sadly, we undervalue the importance of that basic human companionship, until one day it’s not there anymore,” says Julie. “The difference a friendly face makes – someone to talk to, enjoy a cup of tea or a trip out with – is incredible. Our Care Givers love putting smiles on faces and with Companionship and support services, that’s something that happens at every visit.”

If you think Companionship Care could help put a smile on your face, or that of a loved one, read more about what Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh can provide.

3 – Hospital to home care

Carers help older lady up a step into her home. Image also shows Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh logo.

Many of us know just how good it feels to come home after a stay in hospital. That homecoming can be delayed though, if there isn’t enough support available to support you once you’re discharged. If you’re trying to get on your feet again after illness or an operation, it’s really important that your rest and recuperation continues when you get home, and that you aren’t trying to do too much. That’s where hospital to home care comes in, ensuring a smooth transition for you or your loved one, helping to make recovery easier. The care can include anything from help with washing, dressing and personal care to light housework or help getting to appointments. Read more about the hospital to home services provided by Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh.

4 – Alzheimer’s and dementia care

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If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia and you’re keen to care for them at home, a Care Giver can provide some additional specialist support for both you and your relative that will make big difference. Right at Home North Cheshire & Leigh are specialists in Alzheimer’s and dementia and work with both the client and their families to provide practical and emotional support. “We understand that the needs of a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia change over time,” says Julie. “We can help you anticipate and plan for those changes, which makes life a little easier for everyone.”

Interested to read more about the support available for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia? Take a look at Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh’s website.

5 – Personal care

Friendly care giver chats to older couple. Image also shows Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh logo.

When you need support with personal care – such as washing, dressing, grooming, toileting and continence care – a trusting and respectful relationship between client and care giver is essential. “Being able to receive these services in the familiar surroundings of home is something our clients really value,” says Julie. “It’s also important that they have a good relationship with the care giver as it puts people at their ease and makes them feel more comfortable.” All Care Givers from Right at Home are discreet, professional at all times, and use detailed care plans to understand how each client likes to maintain their personal routines.

Find out more about personal care services from Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh.

6 – Specialist care

Illustration shows carer reading a book to an older person. Image also features Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh logo.

In some cases, a person may have an extremely complex condition, or set of conditions, which requires very specific care. This could include cases in which a client suffers from a neuromuscular disorder, spinal injury, cancer or other conditions. For clients requiring specialist care, a package will be drawn up with the Care Giver and will cover whatever aspects of the care are required – this could be on a regular basis or as a respite service. If you require specialist care and have any questions about the services that are available, contact Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh who will be happy to discuss your specific circumstances with you.

7 – Respite care

Illustration shows holiday scene and says "we can provide respite for family carers so that you can relax and enoy your holiday".

Being a carer is a demanding job with long hours. Though many people find it rewarding to help look after a loved one, everyone needs a break sometimes. Respite care can be there for your loved one when you cannot – for example if you have to go away, be at work, or are in need of some ‘me time’. Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh can provide respite care on a regular basis or as a one off. Working with you, they’ll make sure your loved one will be well cared for, giving you a real sense of peace of mind. Read more about respite care with Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh.

8 – Live-in care 

Illustration shows live-in-carer with happy client

When a person’s care needs become greatest, it’s likely you’ll be considering as a family how best to support those needs on a round-the-clock basis. Residential care is one option, but for many people the desire to stay at home for as long as possible is an important factor in choosing how they are cared for. Live-in-carers can be a fantastic choice. Your Care Giver is on hand to provide whatever support is needed on a one-to-one basis, with a care package tailored specifically to the client and their family. It can also work out more cost-effective than residential care, and offers the ideal solution for many families. Read more about how live-in care works.

Support from a care giver can boost quality of life for the whole family

As you can see, whatever your level of need, there is a home care option that could make a big difference to your life.

“Many of us tend to keep struggling on until we realise we can’t continue for much longer,” says Julie. “But getting in a bit of extra care as you need it is really nothing to be scared of. In fact, it can make such a difference to you and your family and actually mean that you’ll stay independent for longer.

“When a loved one has care needs, it sometimes feels like the time their family spend with them is dominated by the ‘caring’ – they don’t feel that the time they spend together is ‘quality time’ anymore. Time is precious, so freeing up some of your time by using a care giver means you can concentrate on just being a family, or a couple, again.”

If you are currently considering what care needs you or a loved one may need, why not give Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh a call to help understand all the options available? The perfect solution could be one you’ve not thought of yet.

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